11 Fine Basic Woodworking Hand Tools For Beginners

Do you know? what if we are looking around in our surroundings we can find something that suits our work doesn't matter we are beginner or professional. If we have yearned for woodworking we can see many woodworkers have been using many pieces of machinery for their daily uses.

One of these fine things are woodworking hand tools. From this article, you can find many of these tools I mentioned below and they're necessary for our daily woodworking process and most of them were missed out from our eyes.

So if you are a DIYer or a woodworker you must have some basic knowledge about this because these are very important tools. Here you can find all that information you have to know.

So let's talk about this directly and the bonus is tips for every tool. 

What is Woodworking Hand Tools?

Woodworking hand tools are those tools from that you can resize, reshape, design wood functionally and properly. Why hand tools? Because you and the implements are relatable here.

There are two kinds of woodworking hand tools.

Traditional hand tools for woodworking:

These are not modernized and as same as it was but functionally well. Over 2000 years ago people used this and day by day their local priority becomes higher and higher. 

Workbench, hand saw, mallet, hand planers are the most common primitive woodworking hand tools. You can build them or buy them from the local store.

Contemporary hand tools for woodworking:

From the realm of primitive pieces of machinery era, some modern hand tools grab the places. Like power tools, wood finishing products, etc.

11 Essential Woodworking Hand Tools List and Tips

1. Workbench and Accessories

When you are a woodworker and you didn’t hear about workbench often it can not happen. Workbench is the signature tool for woodworking where manual woodwork is done.

It depends on wood it varies but most of the time it is made with poplar, oak sometimes ash, beach, maple wood. If you are using light accessories you have to use softer wood. It also comes with metal, stone.

Workbench must have its vice, bench cookie kit, bench dogs for easier your work.

Tips :

  • It has to design comfortably. Standard size for woodworking workbench is about 86cm to 100 cm depends on man’s height.

  •  Workbench has at list 3” to 3.5” thickness for better performance. 

2. Hand Saw

When it is high time to cut the wood into pieces the first name comes into mind is hand saw. It’s a carpenter tools. It is a common tool and also used for trail maintenance. 

From home maintenance to DIY or any other woodwork it is the indispensable hand tools you have to. If you are a woodworker and you don’t know these tools it is like rain without water.

There is no charging option in hand saw so you don’t need electric saw if you have grabbed this.

Tips :

  • It is a risk-free tool because you are cutting something consciously with these tools. So use a pencil to make straight lines.

  • Use hand gloves for better cutting.

3. Wood Chisels

Wood chisels are a cutting, scraping, paring, chopping tool that is made of tool steel. It is for carving strong material. It has sharp sided head. Wood chisel can do different operations like carpentry joints. 

We can easily say that it’s an oxygen tool for woodworking. Its function is difficult because you need a course for it or you have to learn it by practicing. More practice makes a woodworker professional at this machinery. 

It has been using since the prehistorical time that you find how important this tool is. 

Tips :

  • You can use a screwdriver as a chisel.

  • Wear safety glasses. Chisel does the best cutting when it is sharpening with the belt sander.

4. Mallet and Hammers

Rubber or wood made large head equipment is mallet other side hammer is the equipment to beat or heat repeatedly in smaller objects. These two tools are very useful hand tools for woodworking. Everything is similar to the hammer. This is also a father’s favorite tools they can love to make a kids home with this traditional woodworking hand tools.

Tips :

  • Always use strong handled hammer lose or damage hammer can be a cause of serious injury.

  • Try to strike a hammer blow squarely.

5. Wood Carving Tools

Woodworking is a technical process where wood carving is a form of woodworking. The most common wood carving tools are mallet, chisel, and knife. Using your hand on those tools and resulting in a finishing touch on wooden figures by these tools are amazing. 

Wood carving is a challenging technique if you wanted to be a professional at this work you have to learn this. A clear hand on this can create a wonderful design and finishing. 

Tips :

  • If you want to do wood carving you have to choose the right wood and right tools.

  • Use Carving gloves this can protect your hands.

6. Hand Planers

If you are a woodworker and you want to lose some energy by handwork this tool can be your trump card. Hand plane is an all-important tool for artisan because without shape in wood is like without water in the glass. Over the wood surface, you need to vigor on cutting blade that’s how to hand plane is. There are many types of hand planers like scrub planes, bench planes, block planes.

Tips :

  • Always follow the safety code; Use goggles and defenders.

  • A most important note is that you have to hold the planner properly. You need to hold it with perfect posture and balance.

7. Marking and Measuring

Marking and measuring is the most difficult part of woodworking and that is appreciated by professional-level woodworker. Because if you miss a dot inch that will be a disaster. 

So perfect measure and perfect marking makes your woodwork looks very professional. You can use tools like; Measuring tape, Short rule, Level, Mechanical pencil, Chalk line, Sliding T-Bevel for this type of work.

Tips :

  • Use rigid metal rule, try to avoid tape measure rule.

  •  Practice with mechanical pencil for marking tasks. 

8. Power Tools and Accessories

This is advance level project management machineries. All things are not as same as it was in the past. Day by day these product demands are higher. A couple of tools are the same but not manual. We interviewed many carps and they choose power tools in the first list for fine woodworking projects. Most power tools are automatic based.

Circular Saw, Power Drills, Jigsaw, Table saw, Router, Orbital sander these power tools should have in every woodworker's choice and these tools come with attachments.

Tips :

  •  Check the buying guide and their brand before buy.

  • Always check all the stuffs after unboxing. Careful about first time using their batteries.

9. Screws, Nails and Drivers

Screws and nails are so common and their work is held objects together. Typically they are made of brass, bronze, steel, or stainless steel. Self-drilling screws have a split point that cuts into the wood like a drill bit.

Generally, nails have a sharp point on one end and a flattened head on the other and other side screws used to join things together by being rotated so that it pierces wood or other material and is held tightly in place.

Drivers of screws and nails are great for using as a hand tool. Their drivers are framing nailers, power screwdrivers, cordless screwdrivers, etc.

Tips :

  • You must use the right screwdriver bit for the type of screw being used.

  • You can use the claw hammer for better performance with nails.

10. Wood-turning Tools

These are basic tools so beginners should start with modest chisel kit. Learning from the beginning then you should for pro tools in the collection of woodturning tools. You can find various types in the market but most common carpenter choose Spindle Gouge, Bowl Gouge, Parting Tools, Scraper.

These tools are often made from a higher-quality steel and you can sharp them anytime so that you can save your money as a beginner woodworker. Sometimes woodturners who have been turning for a while with the traditional types of tools look down on carbide.

Tips : 

  • A smaller (1/2") bowl gouge is optimal for detailed work.

  • Scrapers are commonly used to remove cutter marks left by your bowl gouge.

11. Wood Finishing Products

Without wood finish, woodworking will incomplete. This is the final stage of the project. Finish mean protective coating. After sanding with wood sandpaper the main part of the woodworking project is a visual look, wood finish bring it to life.

Especially if you search the market you can find the various types of wood finish to buy. Some finishes seem to work better in certain situations than others. Shellac, Wax, Conversion Varnish, Polyurethane Varnish, Oil Wood Finishes are the variety.

Tips :

  •  Keep in mind when selecting it: Do you want the final product to shine? Or are you more interested in a matte appearance?

  • Before you stain turn out the lights and shine light at a low angle across the wood to reveal imperfections.

Final Words

Now you know about woodworking hand tools starter kit. You know the basics and now it’s your turn that how you can practice with this basic woodworking hand tools. This article is for beginners who want to start woodworking and who want to know about woodworking tools. 

You can find many other tools and you can also add them to your list. These are the most common tools available in the market. From traditional to modern these are very useful tools. So what's your thoughts ?.

Now it’s your time to know which woodworking hand tools you are gonna use first and let us know about your thoughts in the comment section below.