Top 12 Best Masonry Drill Bits to Buy in 2022

When you have a piece of masonry work at hand, you'd rather not do it at all than do it shoddily! Don't you think so?

Well, perfect completion of any masonry work depends on your skills, materials as well as available tools and machines. It is not just about the working equipment, but the availability of the right set of tools.

Since the Stone Age period, humanity has had a fascination with tools. Such attraction has not changed to date.

The employment of various types of tools and construction equipment can help you simplify a construction job. These handy inputs not only reduce the time required to attend to a task but also enhance your safety.

Arguably, the drill has pushed innovation in construction further than any other tool. Can a drill work without drill bits? If you have ever worked with steel, concrete, granite, and construction tiles, you can testify to this assertion. Hammering holes through such fixtures is highly impractical.

There’s nothing worse than buying a premium machine only for substandard bits to cause damage. What’s more, inferior bits are prone to breaking while you work. But wait, does substandard mean cheap?

We know finding the best masonry drill bits for a task is hard. So please, take a seat and make yourself comfortable. We are going to drill into you what the market has to offer. By the time you finish reading this detailed article, you will be a drill bit aficionado. 

Need A Quick Decision? Here's My Top 5 Masonry Bit Picks:

What Is A Masonry Drill Bit And What Are The Benefits Of Using It?

Masonry drill bits are engineered to cut through concrete, stone, brick, tiles and other masonry materials. Masonry bits are steel brazed or welded with tungsten carbide at the tip.

There is an infinite number of ways to put a hole in something. However, you need power tools and a drill bit to make a perfectly circular hole or a perfectly non-circular hole. It all depends on the type of construction assignment at hand.

Masonry drill bits help to accomplish clean construction jobs. They work across a variety of surfaces, including glass and marble.

These bits fit the end of power and manual hand drills. For us to understand what drill bits are, and how they work, it is crucial to go into detail about parts of drill bits.

1. Point

This is the cone-shaped end of the bit. Its function is to perform the actual cutting on surfaces. The point consists of a dead center, lips, and heels.

2. Shank 

This is the smooth surface that holds the bit in place. It securely clamps on the spindle during use. Drill bit shanks can be straight or tapered.

3. Body

This is the longest part of a drill bit. It lies between the point and the shank. It consists of the flutes, the margin, and body clearance. The three sections that make up the body perform different functions.

These tools come in standardized sizes and metal suited to pierce a particular surface. Despite the size standardization, you can use any bit with any power drill. The spindle is designed to adjust and fit perfectly.

It is also handy to note that power drills work in a clockwise or counter-clockwise motion. This range of motion allows you to use some drill bits to screw or unscrew various fastening screws. You can also use some of them to fasten or unfasten nuts or bolts.

The Benefits Of Using Masonry Drill Bits

So many projects can benefit from the use of portable drills. Drill bits come in a range of diameters. These sizes vary from 20mm to 300mm. Here are a few ways you can benefit from such features.

1. Pierce Through Tough Surfaces

Some bits feature specialized materials in their construction. This reinforcement allows you to bore through heavy-duty materials like stone, brick, and concrete. Such an endeavor would be tough or impossible with the use of a hammer and nails. Even if you struggle through without masonry drill bits, the work would undoubtedly look unprofessional.

2. Precision

A correct drill bit not only gives you the convenience to make holes of the required diameter and depth but also enhances accuracy. There is no other way to make tidy and standardized holes on masonry surfaces. With excellent craft, the precision in using drill bits is a recipe for high-quality work.

Such aspect is especially important when working with fragile materials like glass. The use of a specialized drill lets you work on such materials without causing damage.

3. Minimization Of Noise

Let’s face it! Masonry jobs can be very noisy. Imagine the amount of noise you'd cause when boring holes on a stone wall using a cold chisel and a hammer? Intolerable!

Noise affects you and the neighborhood. The ease and speed at which you work when using drill bits cause less noise. Of course, without compromising the quality of your work. 

However, you need to evaluate the type of bit beforehand for the best results. You can also use old motor oil or water as a lubricant to reduce the noise. Luckily, there are more details on this in later sections of this article. I'm hoping you will enjoy every bit.

4. Prevention of Cracks and Chips

There's no doubt that cracks and chips are an inevitable outcome if you do not use the right drilling tool. If that happens to materials like stone, glass, and brick, they compromise the integrity of the entire surface. Moreover, your professionalism is also in dispute.

Choosing the right bit for the correct surface is therefore very essential. You may end up spending more on repairing damaged surfaces. Worse still, damaged materials may end up unusable, leading to massive losses.

5. Speed

Bits are specialized implements that bore through anything from glass to granite. They perform this task faster than a manual tool. Drill bits feature a material construction of the most hardened metals and metal alloys. This feature ensures that the tools sustain the high speed without overheating.

I know that you are probably thinking about cleaning the holes as you work them. You don't need to concern yourself with that when using drill bits. The drill bit margin helps to channel out all the tiny pieces making your work faster and tidier.

6. Improves Service Life of Power Drills

High quality drill bits allow for better speed and precision. The combination of these two aspects means you can use power drills for a shorter time. Besides shortening the time, these bits also reduce stress on the machine.

Top 12 Best Masonry Drill Bits in 2021

1. Owl Tools 10 Piece Masonry Drill Bits Set  

For all the right reasons, the Owl Tools 10 Piece Masonry Drill Bits Set tops the list. Owl tools is a reputable brand, and this set of drill bits does not fall short.

It comes with more bit pieces than most of the products listed here. Not only does this product feature many components, but also highly compatible with numerous power drill brands.

The Owl Tools masonry set is defiantly one of those sets that can do almost anything. Such versatility is ideal, especially if you are on a tight budget. Even better, you can buy it at a reasonable price. 

Many online and hardware retail outlets stock this brand, so it is easy to find. As one of the best carbide tip option, it does exceptionally well when it comes to piercing concrete.

Carbide drill bits are ideal for any masonry job as they are sharper than other tools. Such tools also remain sharp for a long time, reducing the amount of time spent on maintenance. It also comes with a decent package.

This set is ideal for a variety of surfaces and materials. You can quickly penetrate through wood, plastic, cinderblock, glass, concrete, and tile brick, to name a few. 

Aside from the carbide tip, the whole bit is plated in chrome. Such a plating reduces corrosion and provides the bit with industrial strength.

The owl tools 10-piece masonry set pack a wide range of sizes. Interestingly, these sizes run from 1/8 by 3 inches to ½ by 6 inches. Such features merit its inclusion in the list of the best masonry drill bit sets.

Highlighted features:

  1. Highly resistant to overheating.
  2. It can penetrate through a range of surfaces.
  3. Chrome plated for enhanced durability.
  4. Handy storage and carry case included.
  5. Quality customer service from the manufacturer

2. DeWALT DW5207 7 Piece Percussion Masonry Drill Bit Set  

Few brands can stand shoulder to shoulder with DeWALT when it comes to precision tools. There is no doubt about that.

With a company motto like “guaranteed tough” product, durability is assured. Their drill bits keep true to this promise.

The DeWALT DW5207 masonry drill bits excel where regular bits fail. This 7-piece percussion set is ideal for masonry and all sorts of concrete drilling.

The bits are robust but shapely enough to allow quick penetration. All they leave is a clean and precise hole. Unlike many brands, DeWALT maintains consistency when it comes to both pricing and built quality. It is the right blend of quality and budget considerations.

You can penetrate through any masonry surface without worrying about cracks and breakage. Going by various consumer reviews, this product lasts. The bits in this kit can go longer even when put through the most rugged conditions.

Each kit comes with precisely seven pieces which range from 3/16- inch by 6 to ¼ -inch by 6. The pieces are easy to use and compatible with various brand power drills. These features come in handy.

The tips on the drills feature a coating of Rock carbide. Such a layer maximizes the durability of the tool and prevents rust.

The DeWALT DW5207 also features a four-flute design. This feature enhances effectiveness by clearing out debris as you penetrate. The shank has three flats that prevent the bit from slipping from the chuck. The DeWALT DW5207 is compatible with various hammer cordless drills.

Highlighted Features

  1. Highly durable thanks to carbide material construction.
  2. Great for use in rugged conditions.
  3. Enlarged flute prevent debris accumulation.
  4. Universally compatible with power drills.
  5. Easy to maintain and use.

3. Eaninno 5 Piece Concrete Drill Bit Set  

Well, who is not looking for high quality?

Eaninno is a globally recognized brand with a presence in various countries all over the world. Not so many concrete bits can beat the Eaninno Concrete Drill bit set when it comes to quality. Their bits are of high-quality German steel reinforced with carbide steel.

This five-piece set is an ideal set for multi-purpose use, both on electric hammer drills and on cordless alternatives. These bits rank highly on durability and performance charts. They deliver efficiently, even in the most stressful of conditions.

If you are not too particular about cleanliness, you will enjoy the brown color of the bits. This color hides signs of wear and dirt even on prolonged periods of work.

This tool features thickened tips that make it stronger than other products in the market. Smooth openings reduce tremors while you work, enhancing your productivity. 

Does stronger directly translate to more durable? Not usually, but in the case of this set, I can confidently say yes. For longer life and service, they have been treated against rust. So you should expect nothing less.

Just like every other tool, ensure that the product lasts for longer by applying some oil. This measure further reduces the chances of accumulation of rust and ultimately eliminates corrosion.

Highlighted Features:

  1. Fast and efficient in piercing concrete and other materials.
  2. Highly resistant to rust and other forms of corrosion.
  3. Made from high-quality German steel.
  4. Carbide tipped to enhance the effectiveness of the bit.
  5. Treated against corrosion for longer lifecycle.

4. Bosch IMC500  5-Piece Impact Multi-Construction Drill Bit Set

Bosch!! What's in a name? And the country of origin? Well, you will never go wrong when you opt for the Bosch-way, or by extension, Germany.

In a single device, Bosch brings together longevity, versatility, and quality. With such great attention not only in construction but also in design, your next project is safe. Put your trust in one of the best tools that money can buy.

This multi-construction masonry drill bit set gives you a lot of conveniences, thanks to the versatility. You can use this set on different surfaces. Therefore, your productivity is not compromised by having to change drill bits often.

If you have ever endured lapses in your productivity because of a dull bit, then go for this set. These bits feature high-quality carbide-tipped heads. Such material ensures that the tools remain sharp with an advanced sharp ground cutting edge. 

These bits are easy to use, and it is straightforward to mount and remove them from a power drill. Thanks to the hex shank design, the flexibility allows you to use the accessories in hammer and impactor operation.

If you have ever drilled through concrete, you can attest to the difficulties that debris present. With these bits, that concern can be a thing of the past. They feature a steep flute design that delivers a rapid debris removal rate.

From many professionals and DIY enthusiasts, keeping a wide range of drill bits can become cumbersome at some point. You have to switch bits and carry an assortment with you continually. Luckily, this multi-construction set is versatile and works on wood, concrete, and a range of other materials.

Highlighted features:

  1. Ideally suited to hammer operations.
  2. Steep flute effectively removes debris.
  3. Enhanced tip sharpness for better penetration.
  4. A robust range of application.
  5. Versatile, multi-construction set.

5. Zinmond Multi-Purpose Masonry Drill Bit Set

Why pay more if you can get all you need in one neat package? And who said that price is the sole determinant when it comes to performance?

At first glance, you may dismiss the Zinmond brand because it is relatively unknown. Again, you may think that it is too reasonably priced to be good. Hold your horses! Don't be too judgemental.

Let us run through some of the fantastic features that this product offer and their relevance to your next project.

These bits satisfy your demand for versatility with a total of 10-drill bit in every pack. The set has six different sizes that run from 1/4" (4" LENGTH - 2 INCLUDED) to 1/2" (6" LENGTH).

The bits are ideally suited to general-purpose, bench, and electric drilling. Each drill has a unique U-type slot design. This design allows for fast penetrating and evacuation of debris as you work.

If you have a variety of projects going on, then this product will present a viable solution. You can use these bits to bore through nearly anything. They work very well on wood, ceramics, stone, glass, brick, tiles, plastic and many more.

A tungsten carbide material hardens the tips. Such a combination reinforces the head against cracking and in turn, makes the pieces more robust. This helps to prolong the life of the bits compared other alternatives in the market.

A spear-pointed tip design gives this product greater precision and piercing power. This feature allows the bit to penetrate trough sensitive surface like glass. It does this without causing cracks, although you still have to be cautious not to apply too much pressure.

Highlighted features:

  1. It comes with 10 bits in every pack.
  2. Tungsten carbide tipped, robust pieces.
  3. All bits work on glass and other delicate materials.
  4. The Spear tip provides precision and accuracy.

6. Bosch MS4034 34 Piece Drill Bit And Drive Kit

Are you a seasoned pro mason or a weekend DIY enthusiast? Either way, you know the value of having as many tools and accessories as possible.

The Bosch MS4034 bit and drive kit shouldn't even be considered as a kit; it is an arsenal! This kit comes with 34 different drill and drive bits.

This all in one pack comes with; 1 inch insert bits, countersink, bit holder, sockets, socket adapter, black oxide drill bits, rotary masonry bits, and brad point bits.

The wide range of accessories comes in very handy when you have a variety of jobs to do. The drive bits in this set equip you to handle various tasks and materials. These drive bits are less distractive than most available alternatives in the market.

A notable innovation is the bit gripping power on the shank. This feature allows the drill to hold bits in place with less effort. The bits and drives in this kit are well suited to handle wood, metal and masonry work.

A handy inclusion to this set is the split points. These split points give the bits faster starting and stopping power. This feature lessens bit "walking", thereby enhancing accuracy and precision.

This set is perfect for users who want it all in one pack. The accessories are all in one place, allowing you to get a full days' work with relative ease. And the set comes in a well-organized, protective carry case.

Highlighted features

  1. Wide assortment of drill and driver bits.
  2. Tough and secure carry case.
  3. Split points included in the package.
  4. Ideally suited to the needs of advanced users.
  5. Reasonably priced for such a premium quality product.

7. Comoware 7 Piece Carbon Steel Carbide Tip Masonry Drill Bit Set

The Comoware brand is a relatively new player when it comes to air-operated precision piercing tools. If you want the newest and most innovative masonry tools, then this is your best bet.

The Comoware 7-piece is made of high-quality industrial-grade carbon steel. These masonry drill bits are heat-treated to enhance performance and to resist rust.

This brand enjoys a good customer base. You can rest assured of long-life performance. These bits are strong and durable; they will make your work easier, especially in rugged conditions.

This tool set has an upgrade 2-flute design. Such a configuration helps remove dust and other debris as you work. A spiral shank dramatically increases the speed while preventing it from slipping when you penetrate the surface.

The Comoware comes in various sizes to meet diverse drilling needs. This tool is handy not just for masonry work but for a couple of other drilling activities.

You can use these pieces on ceramic tile, rock, plastic artificial stone, and many other materials. It is considered to be among the best masonry drill bit sets for multi-purpose work.

Highlighted features:

  1. A versatile range of application.
  2. Sandblast treated to resist rust.
  3. Offers many years of drilling excellence.
  4. Spiral shank prevents it from slipping as you work. 
  5. Two flute design removes excess debris.

8. Makita 7 Piece Tungsten-Carbide Masonry Drill Bit Set

For decades, Makita has developed some of the most prevalent power tools that one can find. This company is based in Japan but has a presence all over the world, and for obvious reasons.

The Makita 7 piece tungsten-carbide bit set captures the Japanese spirit of innovation in every aspect. This complete hammer drill bit kit features seven premium tungsten-carbide pilot bits. These pieces are long-lasting and suitable for heavy-duty tasks. They are easy to use and reliable.

Unlike many other piercing tools, this Makita set is easy to use. Screwing, fastening, and anchoring is almost intuitive. You can attach them to a 4-inch masonry drill and use them on concrete and cinder block.

This 7-piece set comes with all the sizes you would need. Such sizes include one 5 /32, two 3/16 inch, and two ¼-inch bits. These bits are fully compatible with all chuck hammer machines. Such broad compatibility means you can use them on any drill, especially when the accessories and specs are hard to find.

When it comes to precision, not many alternatives can match up to this brand. These steel bits penetrate quickly through anything. Such robustness is the result of the premium reinforced tungsten carbide tip.

The flute design allows for optimal efficiency and maximal removal of masonry dust as you penetrate. These factors not only improve your productivity but also ensure that your job is tidy.

It comes with a reasonable price tag, but you would be wrong to dismiss this as a cheap alternative. Products at the same price point are wobbly, stain the drill, and wear out prematurely. This degradation results in delays, weak anchoring, and potential safety hazards. That’s certainly not the case with this Makita set.

However, you should go through a sizing chart to ensure compatibility with similar pilot drills and fastening diameters.

Highlighted features:

  1. Well priced for such a premium quality product.
  2. Enhanced precision ensures an easy time when penetrating.
  3. Built specifically for the needs of masonry work.
  4. Compatibility with Tapcon screws and holes.
  5. A 7-piece set with size variations.

9. Bosch 7 Piece Carbide Tip SDS-Plus Masonry Drill Bit Set 

Bosch products are so good that they managed to feature twice within this article. Whether you are a professional contractor or a do-it-yourselfer, they have something to offer for your current and future projects.

This set brings German engineering principles like attention to detail, longevity, and professionalism to life. As the name implies, this product features a titanium coating that maximizes protection. Such features ensure that the product lasts long, even in the face of hard conditions.

The titanium nitrite used in the coating also increases the speed compared to similar products.

When a job requires you to bore through extremely abrasive materials, these bit have your back. These pieces work at three times the average speed of standard sets. The results in saving a lot of time and effort.

If you casually handle drills, then you know how taxing it is to just hold it in place. This Bosch model owns a great engineering prowess with the incorporation of speed helix technology. The result? It saves you a lot of energy and money. 

This model features sturdy and robust construction with titanium twists. Therefore, boring into materials such as metal, wood, and plastic is a breeze. The 7 pieces included in this pack are more than sufficient for most of your drilling needs.

The advanced coating on this product has many benefits. For instance, it makes the tool suitable for heavy-duty tasks. The coating also wards off rusting and other forms of wear and tear.

A 4-flute design significantly reduces stress when penetrating. This design keeps the bit cool as you drill, preventing jamming and breakages. It also ensures that dust is removed as fast as it appears.

Another handy feature is the wear mark indicator that alerts you when the bit is about to wear out.

Highlighted features:

  1. 4-flute design enhances the removal of debris.
  2. Ideal for all kinds of brick and concrete drilling.
  3. Brute tough storage case included with the kit.
  4. Proprietary HCK technology for enhanced performance.
  5. Comes with a wear mark indicator.

10. Ezarc 5 Piece Carbide Tip Multi-Purpose Drill Bit Kit

If you have a keen eye on industrial-strength drill bits, then you may have tried a bunch of established brands. However, some of them are not capable of piercing identical holes with a smooth finish.

If you are a victim of this well, then Ezarc may have a solution for you. When many famous brands fail to satisfy, why not take a chance on something new?

However dubious this may sound, you will fall for Ezarc 5 piece multi-purpose drill kit. These bits have an elegant design that features a blue coating on the flute. While the performance wouldn’t be judged by the look, sometimes, you want to admire your tools nonetheless.

Aside from the aesthetic appeal, this set is equal to the task. The construction features a high-quality tungsten carbide head. This feature enhances the product life and ensures it can permeate various materials.

You can quickly penetrate through metal, wood, block tile, fiber cement, and brick. It still has enough precision to curve through plastic and other light materials.

A handy feature that can entice you is the multi-grind sharp edge. This edge delivers an enhanced speed even on hard materials. These pieces perform at a rate of 85% better than standard bits.

This Ezarc model has a big “U” flute design. This attention to detail clears debris as fast as it appears. It is also handy to note that it has a Hex shank design. This design provides an outstanding bit grip, making the set ideal for use in hammer drills, drivers and impactors.

Highlighted features

  1. Hex shank design optimizes drill grip.
  2. 85% more effective than standard drills.
  3. Elegant design and approach to the bit construction.
  4. Compatible with hammer drills and other impactors.
  5. Adequate 6-inch length.

11. Ivy Classic 10332 ½-Inch 12 Piece Masonry Drill Bit Set

Don’t let the cute name fool you. The Ivy classic 10332 set doesn’t only looks good but also a performance beast.

Ivy classic is a brand that focuses purely on masonry and other hardware accessories. This singleness to purpose has pushed the company to innovate and develop quality products. When you see the user reviews, you’ll be impressed by the glowing recommendations.

Rhetoric aside, this product delivers on all its promises and more. From the material construction to the effectiveness, there are no regrets when you opt for this product.

For one, it comes in a value pack of 12 for a very reasonable price. These bits have an overall length of 12 inches, 10 of which is usable. The diameter is ½ inch with a ¾ inch reduced shank and a flute length of 6- ¾ inch.

The shank is round, which allows the bit for rotary and percussion piercing and hammering. You can bore through various materials like stone, marble, block, brick, stone, and swift cut.  

Like some of the products on this list, its head is reinforced with tungsten carbide material. This material has precision ground to give the cutting edge a sharp finish. That is why it cuts and digs very deep and fast.

The bits are induction heated to ensure that they remain straight and strong. Not many products maintain their shape when exposed to heat. Moreover, a sandblasted finish secures the bit from rust and wear and tear.


Highlighted features:

  1. Reasonably priced value pack of 12 pieces.
  2. Induction heat treated to enhance structural integrity.
  3. Cutting edge precision ground to strengthen cutting edge.
  4. Reinforced with tungsten carbide.
  5. Sandblasted finish shields the body from rust.

12. DeWALT DW5468 Rock Carbide Hammer Bit

DeWALT products are synonymous with superior quality when it comes to power tools. The DW5468 Rock Carbide Hammer Bit is no different.

The DW5468 is a 1-1/8- inch carbide SDS and hammer drill bit. The piece features a heavy-duty rock carbide tip. This tip maximizes the contacting surface area enhancing the life of the drill bit.

Like many heavy-duty bits, it features a 4-flute design. Such a configuration allows the bit to clean out debris as you work, effectively improving the speed at which you work. You’ll be able to make wide and so neat holes that people would think robots did it. 

This piece is especially suited for use with both electric and cordless rotary hammers. However, it is more commonly used for boring holes in poured concrete. You can still use it for other masonry tasks as well.

This product has a 1-1/8 inch diameter. The overall length is an impressive 10 inches, of which 8 inches are usable. As mentioned, you can use it in various industrial applications as well as home improvement projects.

Using this tool saves you a lot of effort and time. Such time that can be used on other projects or to take a break from the hustle of construction work.

Highlighted features:

  1. Suited to heavy-duty piercing tasks.
  2. 4-flute design sufficiently reduces noise levels.
  3. Easy to set up and operate.
  4. Compatible with SDS hammer drills.
  5. Drills through rock even if it has metallic alloys.

What To Look Before Buying Masonry Drill Bit?

The sheer number of masonry tasks and types of bits available can make settling on a particular product confusing.

Masonry bits also feature designs that ensure they are specialized to a particular surface or material. This means you may end up purchasing a different bit for concrete, metal, or brick.  Generally, hammer drills and bits work for most masonry jobs.

However, even hammer bits can create a lot of debris when piercing holes. This accumulation of debris forces you to stop to clear it up regularly. Masonry bits come in all shapes, sizes and have various uses. Some products feature specialized materials that make them more useful to their purpose.

To put you at ease here is a breakdown of factors to consider before making buying decision.

1. Types of Masonry Job

Selecting a bit largely depends on the task. Any masonry bit will work when piercing small holes through light concrete. However, it is wise to avoid products made of flimsy materials when working on such surfaces.

This care should be taken even when working on harder surfaces. Substandard bits are prone to overheating. Such implements will make your work appear shoddy.

Ordinary bits are inappropriate for natural stone and other hard surfaces like concrete. Durum or tungsten tipped bits are ideal for such surfaces. Such masonry drill bits are more effective, stronger, and better suited to hard surfaces.

They will help you work faster and do a cleaner job. You should choose high-quality bits if you intend to use them for various tasks. 

2. The Material Used To Make The Bit

The material used in the production of a drill bit speaks volumes on its durability and effectiveness.

Low Carbon Steel: Most masonry bits feature a low carbon steel material in their construction. They are cheap and work on most surfaces where masons work.

However, such bits don’t work on harder surfaces. They are also prone to overheating. These drill bits also come with a margin of error and don’t last for long.

High Speed Steel: HSS bits are more robust and more effective than carbon steel alternatives. However, they cost more than low carbon steel. Thankfully, HSS bits are better at resisting heat and give a more extended life service.

Should you opt for HHS, please ensure that they are coated in a stronger metal. Carbide, titanium carbon, and diamond powder are excellent examples of coatings you can try.  Such coatings reduce corrosion and enhance the toughness of the bit.

Tungsten Carbide: Tungsten carbide drill bits are also a great choice. They are the best masonry drill bits in terms of perfromance. These are tough, resistant to rust, highly durable and dispel heat.

Whichever bit you settle on, the rule is simple. Make sure that you pick a product made of durable and high-quality material. To avoid disappointment, go for a material that features a titanium carbon, carbide, or diamond powder coating.

3. Bit Types

For a novice, there are too many types of drill bits in the market.

Some of these bits are meant for metalwork. Others are work on glass and some for masonry projects. Therefore, you should opt for a product that is suitable for masonry and make sure that what you buy is a masonry drill bit.

The main masonry drill bits are- diamond hole-saws and tungsten carbide drill bits. They penetrate through the hardest surfaces and materials found in masonry construction sites.

Masonry bits are highly durable and they rarely overheat. You can also use such bits to penetrate trough timber, should the need arises.

4. Compatibility With a Power Drill

What type of power drill do you use? What is the right masonry drill bits for your machine? These should be the first questions you answer before buying masonry drill bits.

The answer to this question will help you choose bits compatible with your power drill. This consideration will make your work smoother and faster. Making the right selection will also prevent your drill from suffering damage from conflicting bits.

For a definitive answer, you can examine the shank of the bit. The right shank length will grasp correctly onto the chuck of the power drill. Please note that the right bit doesn’t have to come from the same brand as the power drill.

Nowadays, manufacturers produce universal drill bits. Such bits are compatible with almost every power drill. Therefore, proper research and contemplation can be observed before committing to a purchase.

Carrying your drill to the hardware store is a way to guarantee you get a compatible bit set. If you opt for an online purchase, you can use a caliper to establish the right size. It is also helpful to go through customer reviews for unbiased information on the product.

5. Size

Masonry bits come in a range of sizes. These sizes (diameter) vary from 3 mm to ½ -inches. Drill bits also come in different lengths. However, you can also find drill bits that range from 300 mm to 400 mm.

The length and diameter of the drill bit you choose are dependent on the size and length of the holes you wish to make.

Therefore, it is essential to select a bit that matches the holes you want to drill on to a surface or material. However, if you want to make a deeper hole, then the standard length won’t work. You will need to finds something longer.

6. Value For Money

Budgets and financial constraints to masonry projects can force you to cut corners. However, opting for a cheaper product can harm your productivity and quality of work.

Cheaper bits feature low-quality material in their construction. Such pieces also heat up and shatter at the worst possible moment. Imagine that they do so when you have a tight deadline or if you work in a remote area.

Buying substandard products is a waste of time and money. As the adage goes, "cheap is expensive." You can end up buying many cheap bits by the time a quality alternative exceeds its lifecycle.

Please ensure you go for the best quality you can find. The market has several high-quality drill bits. You just need to find them. To top it off, some of them come at a reasonable price point.

7. Types of Coating

Drill bits have sharp tips that help to reduce the force required to bore through various materials. The manufacturers of these accessories use different coatings to enhance their performance. The most common coatings used are tungsten carbide, titanium oxide, and black oxide.

Titanium oxide is practical to this purpose, but it doesn't pair well with ferrous-metals (iron alloys). Tungsten carbide and black oxide, on the other hand, pair well with iron and its alloys.

The latter two are capable of boring through abrasive materials. These coatings also increase resistance to corrosion while enhancing strength. Therefore, you should take care and consideration when picking a drill bit.

8. Sharpening And Re-Sharpening

Piercing through abrasive materials generates heat, friction, and magnetic charges. With time and constant use, this makes the cutting edge blunt. Titanium is an industrial-strength metal, therefore, sharpening it is hard.

Cobalt, on the other hand, is softer, hence easier to sharpen. Should you opt for a titanium coating, you are guaranteed of more extended life service. Re-sharpening such materials negate the advantage of their more exceptional qualities.

How To Use Masonry Drill Bits?

Drilling a hole through wood or concrete with a nail and hammer is a messy and complicated job. It's even harder doing the task on metal, granite, stone, brick, or tilling.

Substandard drill bits will disappoint you in the end. When you have a job to do, only the highest quality bits can help maximize your effectiveness. Without the right ones, you will get reduced life service of power tools and waste a lot of time.

So, hopefully you have a good drill bit in your hands, how do you get the most out of it?

1. Hammer Drill or Rotary Drill?

It is impossible to penetrate through brake or concrete without a drill. Again, it is important to state that a regular drill is not good enough for extensive masonry drilling. If you have a lot of masonry work to do, ensure you have a hammer or rotary drill. It better be in good working condition.

2. Insert a Masonry Drill Bit

Get to know your machine and insert a masonry drill bit. Ensure that the bit is firmly secured in the chunk before you begin any work. Use SDS and SDS-MAX if your power machine is a rotary hammer.

3. Set The Depth

Many machines come with adjustable depth control, make sure you set the depth before you begin to penetrate. You may first need to go through the user manual to know how to use the depth control. If your machine does not have a depth control, then you will need to measure and mark.

4. Mark The Spot

Piercing requires a lot of precision. While drill bits are precision tools, you can enhance precision by being more careful. Use a soft pencil to mark the point you want to drill on the wall or surface. The mark can be a small cross or a dot.

5. Start Drilling

Begin with a low speed for a pilot hole. Check the hole, then use a higher speed to drill the rest of the hole. As you penetrate, pull out the drill from time to time. Pulling out the bit allows the machine to cool off and prevents jamming.

6. Break Through Obstructions

Occasionally, your drilling experience may not go as smooth as it should. You might meet an abnormally hard piece of concrete. When that happens, use a hammer and a masonry nail.

While at it, do not hammer the nail too deep as it may be difficult to remove. If you are piercing through concrete and you see sparks, you may have hit rebar. Pull out and change the bit to a rebar cutting drill bit.

7. Blow Out Dust.

While the best masonry drill bits are designed to independently remove debris, some dust will remain in the hole nonetheless. Blow out any dust from time to time. Their presence will not only compromise the quality of your work but also weaken the anchors.

Precautions To Take When Working With It

Masonry bits not only cut through but also crush, making them entirely dangerous to use. There are few rules and precautions to operate a power drill loaded with a drill bit safely.

1. Like with every construction work, protective clothing comes first when you are using your loaded power drill. Ensure you are in a well-fitting overall, safety goggles and gloves. Protect your body from accidents first!

2. Do not change bits when the machine is running. Simply switch off and wait until the drill stops.

3. Ensure that the bit is firmly secured in the chunk before you switch the drill on.

4. Ensure that you use the slowest speed possible. A general rule of thumb to follow is, the more significant the drill bit diameter, the slower the speed. The reverse works with smaller diameters.

5. Always pull away from every hole when removing material. This prevents the bit from overheating and the power drill from being overloaded. This procedure is especially important when working with flat wood bits.

6. When piercing through steel, ensure the bit and work piece have sufficient lubrication. For good measure, you can keep a cupful of light engine oil nearby as you work. This little caution enhances the life service of the bit and reduces noise levels.

7. Use the correct drill bit for the job. Take into consideration the surface and type of material.

8. Avoid holding small work pieces as you penetrate. Instead, you can keep the pieces together with a bench vice or G-clamp. Otherwise, the pieces might jam or spin uncontrollably which can cause injury.

9. Do not clog or overload the drill bit. Use the reverse torque on your power drill to pull out the bit.

10. When piercing plastics like latex, use a sharp bit to prevent friction. The sharpness reduces resistance and heat which melts plastic and can clog up the bit. Use a lip and spur bit and slow speed for best results.

Frequently Asked Questions Masonry Drill Bits

1. How Do You Sharpen Drill Bits?

Answer: Sharpening drill bits with a file or bench grinder is a risky and advanced skill. One needs to hold the bit in a relatively precise angle relative to the wheel. This may require a lot of practice.

Luckily, there are specialized sharpening tools from brands like Drill doctor. Such machines consist of a small grindstone driven by a motor. To sharpen the bit, insert it into an appropriately sized hole.

Then with a few twists, the bit gets sharper. Such products cover various sizes from 12mm up to ½ inches.

2. How Can You Demagnetize Drill Bits?

Answer: With time and use, all metallic tools gain a magnetic charge. This magnetic field collects metallic shavings as you work. This phenomenon can interfere with your work by increasing friction.

Magnetized shavings can clog up the flutes of drills and get in the way of the cutting edge. This results in less effective work output.

The market has various demagnetizing tools that remove magnetism to a variety of devices Such a tool is easy to use and relatively cheap and easy to find.

3. What Is The Difference Between Various Drill Bit Chuck Sizes?

Answer: The chuck on a bit can tell you a lot about how it fits on to a drill. Cordless drills usually have a 10 mm or 13 mm chuck. On the other hand, Low voltage drills (like 12 volts) fit 10 mm chucks.

The standard size for cordless drill may be 13 mm, but you can also find 16 mm chucks. Drill bits that feature a diameter greater than 13 mm have a lesser shank diameter. Therefore. They can fit into a 16 mm or 13 mm chuck.

SDS chucks, on the other hand, come in a variety of diameters. However, the 10 mm SDS-plus, commonly encountered in DIY/low power drills is the easiest to find.

4. Can You Use Masonry Drill Bits On Plastic?

Answer: No! The tips are not engineered to cut plastic. Instead, masonry bits are best for concrete, mortar, granite, stone, brick and tile surfaces.

5. How Many Times Can You Sharpen A Masonry Drill Bit?

Answer: You can sharpen a masonry drill as many times as possible. However, when wider edge at the top is no more, it becomes impossible to sharpen a masonry drill.

6. How Many Holes Can A Single Masonry Drill Bit Make?

Answer: There is no precise number of holes that a single drill bit is designed to make in its work life. How you use your bit determines its longevity.

7. Are Masonry Drill Bits More Dangerous Than Other Bits?

Answer: Yes, they are! This is because masonry drill bits not only cut surface pieces but also crush them. This action can make masonry bits putting you at risk of burning yourself or being hit by broken pieces.

8. Which Types Of Drill Bits Work Best On Solid Concrete And Brick?

Answer: For the best results goes for a diamond hole saw or tungsten carbide bit. Such bits work on breeze block, concrete blocks, solid concrete, stone, and brick.

These masonry blocks are available in a variety of sizes from 5 mm to 1 ½ inch. The shank section is round so it can work with all conventional chucks. Only SDS types perform better.

The chuck on SDS bits does not slide in the chuck, meaning you can insert and extract it quickly from the drill.

Most masonry tasks require percussion drilling, impact, or hammering. Such power drill functions pulverize the surface of contact. You can also use these bits on timber, although in a slow and rough process.

The reason for this slowness is that the tip chips away at wood by sheer brute force. However, this is not a problem for most construction work.

9. Do Regular Masonry Bits Work With SDS Drills?

Answer: Yes, standard masonry drill bits are compatible with SDS drills, but not directly. You need a keyless or standard chuck to ensure compatibility.

Such chucks come with an SDS adapter that fits into the chuck of an SDS drill. This adapter allows for compatibility with non-SDS drill bits. You can even use hex, round or flat wood bits.

It is handy to note that you can't use hammer action with such a configuration. However, you can perform piercing seamlessly.

Final Word

Masonry drill bits are essential not only for contractors but for homeowners as well. With the do-it-yourself culture prevalent right now, many people opt to do home repairs for themselves. These tools make home improvement more manageable, cheaper, and fun.

Our selection consists of the best masonry drill bits in the market. Great care was taken to ensure that you get valuable, in-depth information when reading this article.

This selection is based on criteria like the materials used, design, durability, compatibility and price. There is no clear winner in this list because each of these products is unique and a different price point. One thing is sure, all of them are market winners.

The task falls upon you as a buyer to evaluate a product before purchasing. Luckily, you can turn to this extensive guide here to find the perfect match.