Top 10 Best Drywall Sandpaper – Choose the Right One in 2022

Most people like beautiful walls, if the walls have imperfection then after the paint it looks awful. The beautiful walls represent an elegant nature. The decor of a home depends mostly on the color of the wall, and the walls are beautiful on the fine finish that can be found through the drywall sandpaper.

The wall needs to be rubbed beautifully before painting or priming the wall. What you need is a sander and drywall sandpaper. You can also use a sand sponge rather than sanding paper it has a great demand for corner and detail sanding. This can bring the wall to a level in a wonderful way.

For consistent in work you should go for 120 Grit to 150 grit sandpaper. Sanding blocks which are quite similar to sanding sponges are also works great on drywall. They come in coarse, medium, and fine grit. Many have a coarser grit on one side and a finer one on the other.

You can produce your drywall into pretty wall with the best drywall sandpaper. A perfect job is loved by everyone and this product is the perfect one for your drywall project that will make your work dynamic.

In this article, you will have a clear idea of ​​which one you will buy.

Need A Quick Decision? Here's My Top 05 Drywall Sandpaper Picks:

How to Choose The Right Sandpaper for Drywall?

Choosing the right sandpaper is tricky but necessary for your drywall projects. So the system we find is necessary for choosing the right sandpaper. 

These 5 things can help you to choose the correct one. So let’s talk deep into our system : 


So firstly what you need to understand is grit. That can help you to choose what you need.

First we talk theoretically. When shopping sandpaper you will see them there is a number call grit, In United States that grit is determined based on a gradation scale established by the Coated Abrasive Manufacturers Institute (CAMI) and the grit is measured in microns on CAMI scale.

Complicated right? Don’t need to worry. The main thing you need to understand is which grit is good for your project.

In most cases what happens that for example when you choose 60 -80 grit sandpaper that means this sandpaper works well on rough sanding. It also works well for removing scratches. 

Then for example you choose 100-220 grit sandpaper that means you are ready to sand hard surfaces like metal, wall, and wood. If you choose a mid-level grit like 320-600 that is the ideal fit for works like final finishing on a worked-out surface.

Lastly if you are looking for sandpaper that suits buffing that is in the range of 2000-3000 grit. So this is your decision which sandpaper grit suits perfectly for your project. For drywall we will suggest the range 100-220 grit is best suited for this work.

Checking Grit Material

So you know the grit number for your product but which material is good for drywall? In that question the answer is the good abrasive material like Silicon Carbide, Aluminum Oxide, Garnet. 

 If you choosing this abrasive material that will be great for your drywall project and also good for wood and metal like automotive projects. 

What you need to check that your sandpaper has a touch of the natural grain. For example if you need a smooth finish than the grit must have touched up of Aluminum oxide.

Open Coated

Open coated abrasive in sandpaper is great for drywall. Silicon Carbide, Aluminum Oxide, Garnet papers are usually suitable for drywall sanding. From these aluminum oxide and silicon carbide papers are the best choice then garnet paper. 

Granet paper damage faster than aluminum oxide paper. So when you want to buy this product try to avoid less than 100-grade paper.

These three are open coated Paper :

1. Silicon-carbide (wet/dry) sandpaper: (Typical black).

2. Aluminum-oxide paper: (Typical grey)

3. Garnet paper: (Typical tannish-brown) 

Closed-coated sandpaper is completely covered by abrasive material. Closed Coat products are more aggressive and cut faster because the grit particles are assembled more closely together.

Suitable with Sanding tools

What kind of sandpaper you are using must need to compatible with sanding tools. All you need is a good performance, so your sandpaper should be cut into different sizes adjustable with your sander. Also you need a good drywall sander that will make your job easier.

You must know that perfect sandpaper suitable sanding tools give perfection to work. So check sandpaper dimensions, weight, and compatibility for hand sander. 

So now you know how to choose the best sandpaper that will perfectly suit your work. So let’s dig deep into our best sandpaper for drywall picks that will help you to choose your ones. 

Our Top 10 Best Sandpaper for Drywall Reviews

1. Circle Brand Sponge Back Drywall Sandpaper

Circle Brand Sponge Back Drywall Sandpaper

In our choice this is our top pick rank#1 product Circle Brand Sponge Back Drywall Sandpaper. If you want the wall to represent the perfection of work this is the one that can help you.

Do you ever think you get sandpaper and it's not super expensive?. In drywall sanding, the circle brand gives you these opportunities. The good adhesive of this paper is way better than the non foamed sandpaper.

So first let us tell you what kind of adhesive used in this foamed back sandpaper roll. Instead of silicon carbide material, this sandpaper roll is made of coated aluminum oxide.

That’s why it will come up with better and sharper cutting capacity along with a uniform finish and the grit of this sandpaper is 120.

Handy to use and you can feel the extra sponginess in sanding and it doesn't cut excessively. It lasts 10 times longer than other sandpaper that means it is better than conventional sandpaper.

We like this product because it creates less friction that is why you can find a smooth finish. The more friction you create the more dust you will get. So this is the product which is great for drywall.

Highlighted Features :

  • You can feel extra sponginess.
  • The grit of these sandpaper is 120 grit.
  • Made of high-quality Aluminum Oxide.
  • Foam-backed for smooth finishing.
  • It can be cut into smaller sizes if you need it.

2. 3M 26150CP-P-G Pro Grade No-Slip Grip Advanced Sandpaper

3M 26150CP-P-G Pro Grade No-Slip Grip Advanced Sandpaper

When you are dealing with sandpaper and you must hear the name 3M. Because they are the brand who offers good quality drywall sandpaper. 3M shows us how to sand drywall fast.

First of all this is best because 3M pro-grade sandpaper is clog-resistant that’s why people like this product. It reduces the exhaustion of sanding work. It is also worth the money and also durable too.

The admirable thing is that 3M itself declares this advanced sandpaper is better than ever. So let’s talk about the attractive things.

The color of this sandpaper abrasive is purple. You may think this color will discolor your wall? then you are wrong. This is not gonna happen.

So why should 3M declare it its better than ever? because it should give you a super-fast cutting and long-lasting facility that can be a great choice for your drywall projects.

You know 100-150 grit sandpaper is great for your wall and when it is the brand 3M offers 150 grit sandpaper this is better for your drywall. It creates less dust than other sandpaper and adjustable with a hand sander.

For the first form of sanding you need quality sandpaper like this. If you need a refined finish this is the product you are looking for.

Highlighted Features :

  • Made of a pretty fine course of 150 grit.
  • Product longevity is very high.
  • Cuts great on any surfaces.
  • Very good price-point for short term operations.
  • Easy to sand small objects and stay sharp for a longer time.

3. eQualle Waterproof Silicon Carbide Abrasive

eQualle Waterproof Silicon Carbide Abrasive

Let’s talk about our third pick which is from eQualle. Sandpaper with high quality is mostly needed for drywall. This is the best drywall sandpaper in the market where there has been the usage of high-quality abrasive Silicon Carbide.

The first theory of buying drywall sandpaper is to check whether the correct material is located in the grit or not. So how about that in the sandpaper you can find a good number of adhesive, so this is eQualle abrasive paper.

Let us tell you what’s inside the box. You will find 100 sheets in total or you can also choose 15,25 or 50 sheets per box.

For fast sanding this sandpaper is amazing because of the strong sharp abrasive silicon carbide. Grit variation is good for drywall, so the grit number of this paper is 150.

Let’s talk about what kind of works this paper can work on. This can sand hard materials: metal, hardwood, glass, granite, ceramic, plastic, fiberglass, stainless steel, copper, automotive body repair.

In the case of both dry and wet finishing, this sandpaper will do great! For sanding wood you need to combine with aluminum oxide abrasives for a good finish.

The brand eQualle is a manufacturer and proud of its history for quality abrasives. The balance and flexibility of this paper are quite exceptional.

Highlighted Features :

  • Made of super quality abrasive Silicon Carbide.
  • It comes with C-weight paper backing.
  • Waterproof so that you can use both wet or dry finishing.
  • The grit of this sandpaper is 150.
  • Super quality and super smooth for fast sanding.

 4. 3M 19015ES-CC 3-2/3 by 9-Inch Fine Grit Aluminum Oxide Sandpaper

3M Fine Grit Aluminum Oxide Sandpaper

Keep track of people’s choices now we presenting our another 3M pick which is 3M 19015ES-CC Sandpaper. This brand is familiar and also this product is familiar with sanding work.

This top-notch product has a high customer value because this is general-purpose sandpaper.

It is high time to talk about its benefits and features that it comes with –

First of all the benefit is when sanding the first coat you can utilize cheap sandpaper since it will wear out and you can undoubtedly discard it. 

It has a wide grit range and the grit that we have picked for this review is 150 grits. 150 grit sandpaper is ideal for sanding drywall and also fine for medium grade woodworking, metalworking, furniture finishing, and other similar works.

You can cut this if you want to use it with a sanding block or power tools sander. The dimension of the product is 0.5 x 3 x 8 inches. It has a bare surface that’s why refine sanding is possible by hand. 

This is cheap sandpaper but its quality out of the imagination the reason is the abrasive aluminum oxide.

Lastly, we can say that if you are looking for sandpaper for short term use, this is the go-to pick for you.

Highlighted Features :

  • General-purpose sandpaper.
  • Made of aluminum oxide abrasive.
  • One of its great features is it removes flaws.
  • Price and quality both are beyond description.
  • 150 Fine Grit sandpaper, lightweight in use.

5. Fandeli 36574, 150 Grit Drywall Sandpaper Sheets

Fandeli 36574, 150 Grit Drywall Sandpaper Sheets

Choosing the right sandpaper for your drywall project is a tricky work because as you know, it’s hard to find out the best kind of abrasive sandpaper in the market. If you have this Fandeli 36574 product then you can think you are doing good.

So let’s check out why this Fandeli product is that much special –

All of the main reason for the specialty of this drywall sandpaper is, this heavy paper specially designed for drywall applications.

Now another catchy fact is that this sheet is ready to fit most sanding tools. So the main checkup part ends. Let me tell you that the grit number is 150 for smoothing and finishing your wall without any hesitation.

We talk to many construction workers that which sandpaper is ideal for sanding drywall fast? The answer is Fandeli because the main feature of this product is very fast cutting and very long-lasting.

Let us tell you what’s inside the box. This is a contractor package so it contains 25 sheets. The dimension of this product is 4.5 x 11 x 0.1 inches.

So 85 years of its brand history this brand creates quality abrasive. So check out our highlight features and create your decision.

Highlighted Features :

  • It provides a very smooth finish for drywall.
  • Fast cutting is possible that is time-efficient.
  • It can be used on most of the sanding tools.
  • This paper specially designed for drywall applications.
  • The longevity of this product is very high.

6. 3M 99430 Drywall Sanding Sheet

3M 99430 Drywall Sanding Sheet

We are back again with another drywall sandpaper sheet from 3M. You can ask why we are choosing 3M repeatedly?. The answer is it is the brand with highly reputed for creating a good adhesive paper for a long time.

First of all let me disclose to you what’s inside the pack. 3M 99430 comes with the ideal 25 sheets per pack. The grit number of this sheet is 120 so that is amenable for drywall sanding.  

What else we want to see after drywall sanding! the perfect finish, don’t we?. So after sanding with this sandpaper it results in elegant design and finishes.

Let’s dig deep into the product-

This product is made of high quality abrasive which is Aluminum Oxide also includes sharp synthetic mineral. That’s why it is coated well and gives long-lasting performance.

You will find a good price point in this high-quality product. The most amazing feature is the pre-cut and die-cut to fit most drywall sanding tools.

Another specialty of this high-value product is it is designed for sanding drywall joints, patching compounds, and plaster. So definitely it works well on where it is specialized in.

We can say it works as directed. Quality product at a decent price so that you can go with it with confidence.

Highlighted Features :

  • Made with premium quality Aluminum Oxide.
  • It is pre-cut and die-cut to fit most drywall sanding tools.
  • It comes with sharp synthetic mineral for long-lasting performance.
  • Superior for sanding drywall joints, patching compounds and plaster.
  • The design of this sandpaper is elegant and you will get a smooth finish after sanding.

7. Miady Assorted Grit Sandpaper

Miady Assorted Grit Sandpaper

Our this pick is from Miady, and it’s a grit sandpaper set that contains 36 pieces of abrasive sandpaper sheet. The sheet comes with 12 different grit types starting from 120 to 5000.

It’s not just the end, each of the grits has three sheets of high-quality sandpapers.

Let me give you some idea about the grit applications. 120 grit sandpaper is best suited for removing scratches where 400-600 is amazing for final finishing. The grit number 2000-3000 are high graded grits used for buffing.

Premium quality Silicon Carbide is the abrasive of this sandpaper. The electro-coated layer gives you less damage after rubbing. So the coating is evenly distributed in the whole sheet, that’s why this sandpaper is the best sandpaper for drywall.

Sanding with this sandpaper is easy because the grits is printed on the back. The amazing part is this sandpaper is waterproof so that you can use it for both dry and wet sanding.

You need to know that this is multi-functional sandpaper. So it’s work on drywall, art, and craft, you can also work on wooden surfaces, automotive metal surfaces, plastic surfaces, and so on. So it is also the best sandpaper for wood.

We highly recommend you use these drywall sanding sheets because a perfect sanding work needs at least several grades of sanding screens or sheets.

Highlighted Features :

  • It comes with multi-functional sheets.
  • Made of premium quality Silicon Carbide.
  • You can cut them into your desired sizes.
  • This waterproof sandpaper is ideal for wet/dry sanding.
  • The grit range of these sandpapers is 120 to 3000 and the grits are easy to identify.

8. Norton 3X Sandsheet 150 Grit Sandpaper

Norton 3X Sandsheet 150 Grit Sandpaper

Now it’s time to reveal our other drywall sanding sheets which is a fine product from Norton and you can get high performance on sanding on any surfaces. Norton is the brand of this sandpaper. Allstar is the 3rd party seller.

Norton and 3M make the best abrasives, don't waste your time with cheap brands but it depends on what you can afford, but this is excellent sandpaper that is affordable.

It can be a better value to buy the quality brand, it lasts longer. So you can choose this amazing sandpaper. It is made of high-quality Aluminum Oxide.

After unboxing inside you will find 20 sheets in one box and you can call it Norton paper. Norton paper always has it’s value to the customers. You can find a great finish on your drywall by using this product.

The reason you may like this product for paint and drywall applications, Norton's paper sheets can be cut to fit a wide range of hand sanders.

It fits well on hand because the product dimension is 10 x 10 x 12 inches and the item weight is 12.8 ounces. Sometimes it has outstanding cuts with less dust.

Overall superior performance you can get before painting and staining. Because aluminum oxide has quick cutting action.

Highlighted Features :

  • The adhesive of this paper is Aluminum Oxide.
  • The grit of these sandpaper is 150.
  • It comes with 20 sheets in one box.
  • It has quick cutting action.
  • This product is ideal for hand sanding.

9. LANHU 120 Grit Sandpaper

 LANHU 120 Grit Sandpaper

Here we came with another waterproof sandpaper which is from LANHU. Someone who is looking for the contractor and multipurpose sandpaper pack will be the best choice for them.

First let me disclose what’s inside the box. This is a 25 sheets contractor’s choice sandpaper pack. The product dimension of the sheet is 9.3 x 3.7 x 0.6 inches. So if you want smaller than that you can cut it easily.

This sandpaper grit is 120 that’s why this is good for rough sanding and removing scratch. If you use verities of sandpaper you will understand the differences. You can easily prioritize which one suits perfectly for your projects.

Whatever tries to buy a good abrasive paper. Our this product is also made of good abrasive paper which is silicon carbide that’s why the surface comes with soft flexible backing. For your benefit we choose this product because of its flexibility and durability.

Another feature of this product is heat dissipation. For that reason this works great in dry and wet sanding projects.

So if you like to do your work this sandpaper will be the perfect choice for you because of its multipurpose functionality and rough progression.

Highlighted Features :

  • Easy to identify grits because grits are printed on the back.
  • This product has fast heat dissipation.
  • Amazing performance for dry and wet sanding.
  • Budget-friendly flexible backing paper.
  • This high-quality abrasive sandpapers grit is 120.

10. TigerShark Sanding-Sheets

TigerShark Sanding-Sheets

Our last drywall sandpaper choice is from TigerShark. This is amazing drywall sandpaper in the market that is made of super coated premium aluminum oxide.

This is heavy-duty latex sandpaper which is german quality and reduces sanding times because of its high-quality material.

It comes with 25 pieces of sheets where the grit number is 150. So the above features can make you understand how efficient this product is for your drywall.

Talking about the benefit you can get from this sandpaper which is anti-clog performance. That’s why the less dust it creates and the fast cutting it gives.

The brand itself tested the sandpaper quite a lot. So the output you will find from this product is out of imagination.

The price of this sandpaper is high but you can take the risk of buying this high-quality abrasive paper. Another benefit is durability.

So that’s our last pick for drywall sandpaper but we choose this in number ten that doesn’t mean you can’t find great performance. Its price range is high but the performance is royal.

Highlighted Features :

  • The adhesive of this paper is premium aluminum oxide.
  • It is 150 grit sandpaper which is perfect for drywall.
  • Fast cutting and anti-clog performance.
  • This product reduces sanding time.
  • This is heavy stock removal sandpaper.

How to Sand Drywall Perfectly?

Right now I think you have essential sandpaper in your hand and you didn’t get hesitated for buying it. So if you are a DIYer what’s the process for sanding drywall perfectly that’s the main fact comes first. 

So let me tell you how to sand drywall : 

All you need is some essential tools associated with drywall sanding like drywall sandpaper, sanding block, sanding sponge, sanding pole, a putty knife are the tools. 

There are two sanding processes one is dry sanding and another one is wet sanding. This is your choice which one you like. All you need to do start the process step by step after taking the safety gadgets to protect yourself from the dust. 

Choose Correct Sandpaper

Always the question comes first which sandpaper is better for drywall. We always recommend buying the correct sandpaper. We talk about it in the above how to choose the correct sandpaper. So that your steps to drywall sanding are easy enough. So when you buy it carefully about non-brand sandpaper. 

Sand the Wall  

Fit your sandpaper with your hand sander for sanding wall and start it with light pressure. For corner and detail sanding use sanding sponge.

Don’t sand in the same line. First your target is to remove the bumps and ridges. Keep in mind that you need to control the dust. For avoiding dust smoothing the joints with damp sponge.

Fill Gouges

In-wall, there may have big ridges or gouges which is out of sanding. Because it’s not for sanding if you sand it the whole wall will smoothness will hamper.

So sandpaper is for the plain wall. Too much sanding demolish your project. Our guide is to fill the gauges before sanding. All you need is a few coats to fill deep grooves.

Use Handheld Light

Our trick is to spot the area with a handheld light to find sanding mistakes. It is necessary to look clearly. Lack of light is not good for drywall sanding. Because you might have seen those mistakes if you have the complete coverage of light.

So proper light can help you to see clearly. If there is any kind of mistakes or circle dings. 

Sand Again

After sanding the wall you primed the entire wall. So our tips is after priming sand again. Because sand them lightly after the primer dries to remove paper fuzz and lumps.

Corner Sanding

You need to sand a corner with a sponge. Don’t sand them with sandpaper. Corners are also an important good looking factor for your house interior.

Clean The Dust

After all the sanding works are done clean the floors and extra clouds of dust with a vacuum cleaner. Then you are ready to paint the wall. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What grit sandpaper is best for drywall?

Answer : This is the most common and confusing question that should I use 20-80 grit or should I use 100-220 grit sandpaper or after that you rethink you should use extra-fine grit sandpaper like 320,360, 400. The answer is 100-220 grit sandpaper is the best sandpaper for drywall. 

Question: Which sanding tool should I use with my sandpaper?

Answer : Sometimes it depends on the budget and sometimes it depends on the will. But the idea is you can use a hand sander. Otherwise, there are many dustless drywall sander in the market you can choose one of them. 

Question: How do you keep drywall dust off when sanding?

Answer : One way is wet sanding that creates less dust. Another way is dry vac that helps you to keep the dust off. There are many different ways like you can use safety gear for keeping yourself out of dust and that is ideal. 

Question: Can I cut a sandpaper into smaller sizes?

Answer : If the paper can’t suit perfectly with your sander or comes with insufficient size like horizontally larger you can cut the paper. 

Question: What kind of applications I can be able to do with sandpaper?

Answer : You can do a lot of things with sandpaper. Like finishing, rust removing. You can also use it as paint removal. Ideally works great for hard surfaces like wall, metal, and wood. 

Final Words 

There are many types of sandpaper available in the market, but only the best drywall sandpaper will give you perfection. Now it’s your turn to choose the right one. 

Will you go for the dry sandpaper or wet sandpaper? My advice is to go for one that suits your projects. Like if you want less dust go for the wet one, if you feel dry one is suitable then go for the dry one.

Justify what you like before buying. Hopefully, after you have gone through the pages, you as of now have one as a primary concern!