Top 10 Necessary Construction Worker Tools For Any Construction Trade

Construction work is a profession with the heaviest and riskiest kind of work. And to accompany that kind of job, you’ll need a lot of important tools to make your work easier.

These tools give better results than what one could accomplish with their bare hands. Thus, now I’ll tell you about 10 necessary construction worker tools.

10 Necessary Tools List Every Construction Worker Should Have

Not all tools are for the project itself. Some important tools are also tools used for safety measures to protect you from accidental injuries. So, those will also be included below:

Concrete Mixer

concrete mixer

It is a tool that is used to combine materials like gravel, cement, sand, and water to make concrete for making buildings.

General concrete mixers look like a huge drum that revolves to mix the material components. There are smaller portable versions as well, which are mostly for jobs that require a lot of moving around. But the larger ones are better for mixing in large volumes.

Concrete mixers come in handy for quick, effortless work. Without one, workers would have to mix the concrete components themselves with a wheelbarrow. This consumes time and energy. Whereas, a concrete mixer saves them from having to waste extra time on that.



A drill is a power tool that is used to make holes in surfaces. It’s also used to drive in fasteners to surfaces. It has a pistol styled body for easy gripping while you're drilling.

The most common drills are corded and most of the time it comes with its accesories, but some construction workers are growing fond of the cordless ones because of its battery feature, which is also rechargeable. It’s handy for construction sites without power outlets.

Drills are all in all way more useful than the old hammer. Instead of going through hammering a nail with not much accuracy in hitting the nail, it's better to drill the nail through the material. It also very much reduces the cost of breaking nails when hammering.



A crowbar comes with many names. Some are wrecking bar, jemmy, gooseneck pry bar, pig foot, etc. It’s basically a tool used to remove nails on one end, while the other end is used to force open crates or just separate two objects from each other.

It looks like a metal bar, but it has two separate designs on each end for two different uses. This metal tool is made from medium carbon steel in general, but you can find ones in light-weight titanium. In the old days, these crowbars were used in mining for removing and breaking rocks.



There are various kinds of gloves used by construction workers. They are important to protect your hands from any injuries during construction work. Such situations would be cuts, abrasions, friction injuries, chemical burns, etc.

For that, there are also many kinds of gloves. But industrial ones are usually made of hard leather or rubber, mail metal, Kevlar, etc. For work with barbed wires, chainsaws, welding, etc. safety gloves are very important.



There are two kinds of saws: hand saws and chain saws. They're basically tools used for cutting wood into planks or shaped pieces. And the material saws are made from are harder than wood, which is usually either bronze or steel. The sharp teeth help cutting wood since wood is made of lots of fibers running vertically.

Hand saws usually have a handle at the end and the blade which is long and flat with the sharp side having an edge with sharp teeth. While chainsaws are similar regarding the sharp edge, but since they're operated by power and not hand, the blade is circular and rotates with high speed once it's plugged in.



Safety helmets for construction workers are also known as hard hats. These are necessary to protect one’s head from impact injuries by objects falling on top of the worker or if the worker falls from a high place to hard ground.

It also protects your head from electric shock because of the insulating material it's made form. Some are made from metal, but the plastic and fiberglass helmets are the most popular for this insulating reason.

Some of these helmets come with straps to keep it attached under your chin, and some come with goggle features so you won't even need extra safety glasses. There are suspension bands in the helmet, helping it to maintain a significant gap between the protective material and your head, so the impact doesn't hit your head directly.



We all know ladders are a vertical frame with steps used to climb to higher places. There are many kinds of ladders. Some are rigid ladders that lean on something for support, while others are the fixed or step kind that supports itself and has steps on both sides.

There are cheap ones made of bamboo or ones from ropes that are dropped from a top surface. And there are expensive ones like the folding ladder, which has multiple sets of steps folded so you can go higher once you pull out more of the ladder steps.

These are generally used by firemen for rescues, but some construction sites have them too.

Pick Axe

Pick axe

This is a hand tool that is shaped like a “T.” Its handle is made of wood, and it has two kinds of ends; one that's pointed and another that's a bit flat-snouted like an axe.

The pointed end is for breaking rocks while the flat end is for chopping and hoeing through roots. It was used for agricultural purposes long ago, but now in modern times, it's used in mining.

Safety Glasses

safety glasses

Safety glasses in construction work are protective gear for your eyes to keep them safe. This keeps particles or radiation causing your eyes to get infected.

The safety goggles used by construction workers are made of thick glass and is larger in size than your regular reading glasses. It covers about half your face and is curved to make sure no sort of debris, light, wind blast, heat, spray, etc. gets behind the lenses.



The sledgehammer is a heavy hand tool. It's very similar to war hammers or mauls. It has a large and heavy flat metal head mounted on a long wooden handle. Because of the huge weight difference between the materials, there is no balance which helps to give the user a momentum when they swing it and hit a surface with force.

A sledgehammer definitely needs a lot of strength to be handled. They are used like normal hammers; to drive nails into surfaces. But it's also sometimes used for breaking or destroying large objects into pieces, mostly for recycling purposes. They're also used in mining and blacksmith's work for shaping metal or iron.

Final Words

The list above should give you an insight into what kind of tools used by construction workers daily. Some are for the actual work, and some are for workers to keep themselves safe from accidents during their work. But both play important roles equally and should be added to the list of necessary construction worker tools.