How to Drill Through Cinder Block?

Do you want to decorate your cinder wall with an aesthetic painting on it? Whether you want to hang pictures, calendars, TV, or any other home stuff, the first thing you need to do is to drill through it. But, if you are not a professional driller, then you might be wondering how to drill through cinder blocks?

Drilling into cinder block is not something for which you have to call for professional support and pay them your valuable bucks. With the right tools and right process, you yourself is enough to do the job as a drilling enthusiast. In this article, you will get a step by step process to drill through the blocks.

What Is A Cinder Block?

A cinder block is a kind of large and cellular brick that is most commonly used for interior and cavity walls.

These bricks are lightweight and pretty much easy to maintain due to their hollow spaces inside and also provide you with a quick wall building facility. Due to its hollow structure inside, it insulates better than solid brick walls.

Materials You Need to Drill Through Cinder Blocks

To drill through a cinder block, you need the following materials –

1. Standard drill bits such as masonry or concrete drill bits

2. Rotary hammer drill or cordless drill machine with hammer function

3. Plug and screw

To make your task faster and easier, it's better to use a rotary hammer drill. But, if you are using a cordless drill machine, then at least make sure it has a hammer function in it. Masonry concrete drill bits are more effective when it comes to dealing with a hammer drill. And don't forget to bring plugs and screws as well.

Setting Up Before Drilling

Before you start drilling through your cinder block wall, first set up the necessary materials according to their position. If you need to drill only one or two holes for a small project, then a regular cordless drill machine is enough to do the job. But if you are going to drill for a larger project, then a hammer drill should be your pick.

Whether you own a hammer drill or borrowed one from someone you know, the next thing is, you have to get to know about your tool. Make sure you read the user manual to know about all the knobs and what the controls are for. Once you get a good idea about your tool, then insert a standard concrete drill bit as required.

You might need to set the depth to drill up to the point you want the hole to be. Some drills come with this depth control bar where others don't. If your one lacks it, then you can mark that point with a pencil or a masking tape. Now, hold the drill like you are holding a gun, and put your index finger on the trigger.

If all these are done, you are ready to get-go for the final battle with the cinder blocks.

Drilling Process

To start your drilling job, first, make a mark on your cinder block with a pencil. While doing it, avoid the edge and center points of a cinder block as they would require much force and time to drill through because of their solid structure. Select the marking spot in between the edge and center where it's hollow inside.

Now, press the drill bit’s tip firmly against the marked spot and press the trigger of your hammer drill. If you are using a cordless one, turn on the hammer mode and then start drilling to get the first pilot hole. In the beginning, the speed should be low until you drill a pilot hole on your required surface.

Once you are done making that primary hole, then increase the speed higher and keep drilling firmly without putting much force. With the time, increase the speed and force if required until the hole reaches up to your depth mark.

Don't forget to pull out and put the drill back into the hole periodically every ten to twenty seconds. This will help you to pull the dust out of that particular hole. When you are done drilling the hole as required, you can put the screw and plug to make it ready to hang your desired stuff right over there.

Necessary Precautions

You need to put on essential safety gears, which includes a ventilator mask, safety glasses, safety gloves, and heavy pants, etc. Before starting the drilling job, don’t forget to cover nearby doors and windows as well. If something goes wrong while drilling, immediately turns off the machine and electricity connection.

Final Words

Drilling into cinder blocks is a pretty useful and handy technique. This helps you to hang your paintings, put up shelves, install lights, and do much more stuff comfortably. We believe, this article helped you with the right information and techniques that are pretty much required to go for your first drilling experience.