Cobalt Drill Bits Vs. Titanium – Head to Head Comparison

Looking for the best drill bit is a task that depends on the kind of job you’re going to do. However, there are two types of bits that share the same popularity because of how effective they are. These are the cobalt drill bits, and the titanium drill bits.

Picking between these two drill bits was difficult because they’re both efficient, but after using them separately, we’ve discovered plenty of little details that separate them.

In this article, we’ll learn about what makes each one a unique tool among their kind.

Cobalt Drill Bits Vs Titanium: Which One is Best ?

The Cobalt Drill Bits

Cobalt Drill Bits

People often have the wrong conception about the cobalt drill bits. Yes, they’re popular for their tough steel design, but they are more than that.

The high-speed steel is one of its best traits, but it also features among five and eight percent of cobalt in their design, which is what makes them so efficient, hence their name. It is not simple steel but rather a durable material capable of withstanding plenty of applications and abuse.

For that reason, the cobalt bits are the main choice you must consider if you’re looking to drill hard materials. Where other standard bits fail, the cobalt ensures you get through those materials easier and quicker.

Another benefit of the cobalt bits is that they are highly resistant. Every drilling job requires you have bits capable of enduring the hot temperatures without shattering or breaking. Hot temperatures are a problem that even most lubricants can’t control.

On top of that, you won’t have any issues to sharpen them. Cobalt bits work on different materials like steel, cast iron, and plenty of more, but they will eventually wear down eventually. When they get dull, you can use one of the sharpening methods, and it will get its sharpness back.

Benefits of Using the Cobalt Drill Bit

There are plenty of benefits that make the cobalt drill bit shine over most bits. We’re going to review the most important ones.

  • Higher Resistance

For working on hard metals, there aren’t many drill bits that can match the cobalt bit’s efficiency. Dealing with stainless steel or cast iron is not a problem for this type of bits.

  • Durability

Cobalt has higher durability than most bits. It allows you to sharpen it plenty of time before it breaks, which is an incredible advantage to avoid investing too much money buying new ones every time it loses its sharpness.

  • Versatility

Using the cobalt drill bits for working on soft materials might be a little bit too much, but it is a relief to know you have them available to work through as many materials as possible.

In the end, these bits are high-priced items, and you may as well use it as regularly as possible.

Disadvantages of Cobalt Drill Bits

Of course, not all good comes without something bad, and the main disadvantage of the cobalt drill bit is that it is expensive.

The high price keeps you from using them as regularly as you’d want because, if they get damaged, replacing them is a direct punch to the pocket.

To get the best out of this drill bit, you’ll need to invest in a proper sharpening tool to keep them functioning. There’s no point in throwing the cobalt bit away once it gets dull. Instead, you want to re-sharpen it as much as possible, even to the point it breaks.

The Titanium Drill Bits

Titanium Drill Bits

Although its name might say titanium, you should not let it confuse you. The titanium bit’s core is all high-speed steel, with a titanium nitride layer on the exterior. These bits are quite popular as well, and you can find them as TiN drill bits, which is an abbreviation of titanium nitride.

Unlike the cobalt bits, the titanium bits are less expensive. They are a solid solution while drilling through wood, very soft metals, and plastics. For plastic, it might be a little too much, but hey, the extra power is always handy.

The TiN coating is what makes this bit shine above other types of drill bits. It provides a stronger and resistance surface, but it also keeps the bit from reaching higher temperatures that could damage it.

High temperatures might damage not only the drill bit, but also the hammer drill and, ultimately, your hands, which is why we appreciate how effective the coating is.

Benefits of Using the Titanium Drill Bits

Now, we’ll highlight the most important benefits these drill bits have to provide for us.

  • Amazing Bit for Soft Materials

If you’re working on a project that requires drilling through soft materials, like soft metals or wood, the titanium drill bit is the solution you need. Sure, it may not have resistance to harder materials, but that doesn’t mean it is not efficient.

The titanium drill bit is capable of piercing through plenty of materials in a smooth operation without issues.

  • Lower Price

The titanium drill bits are available at a lower price than the cobalt bits, which is another advantage for people that don’t want to spend a high amount of money on these tools.

These bits are difficult to sharpen, but the low price makes it possible for us to dispose of them and get newer bits when they aren’t functioning anymore.

  • Lasts Longer than Regular Bits

Titanium drill bits won’t surpass the cobalt bit’s longevity, but they’re still better than regular drill bits available on the market. When it comes to longevity, the titanium bits come at the second best position.

Disadvantages of Titanium Drill Bits

A reliable tool until the coating expires. After the coating wears off, the bit becomes another regular high-speed steel tool with nothing special to provide. Now, we’re not saying the regular high-speed steel is bad, but the TiN coating makes it something else.

Another disadvantage is that these bits are not good for hard metals. Stainless steel and cast iron, to name a few examples, will get rid of the bit’s coating rather quickly.When that happens, there aren’t many options for you but to get rid of the drill bit and buy new ones.

Which One is Better?

Having read all of the benefits and disadvantages of these two types of drill bits, we can reach a conclusion about which one is best.

  • When Should I Buy Cobalt Drill Bits?

If you’re working on hard materials, the cobalt drill bit is what you need. The durability and high resistance these bits provide will help you drill through most of the materials rather easily.

However, this efficiency comes at a high price, which is something you must be willing to pay to get a high-functional drill bit.

  • When Should I Buy Titanium Drill Bits?

For light masonry work, the titanium drill bit is a good solution. These bits will get you through most soft metals and wood, which is what most handymen want. The titanium drill bit won’t last as much as the cobalt bits, but it will provide a solid performance during its entire lifespan.


Buying the right drill bit is a matter of the task you will be doing. Make sure you choose the right drill bit for your project.

Otherwise, it will be disappointing, and it will end up costing you even more money than expected.