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Rim vs Hubcap – What’s the Difference?

A number of car owners often get confused with rim and hubcap. This mostly happens when you look for new wheels, and someone suggests you get a hubcap as well. The most common misunderstanding is that people think hubcaps are a replacement for rims. Meaning you can go for a hubcap instead of a rim, which […]

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How To Organize A Garage Properly?

Ah! The garage. That beautiful place where we like to store everything we get our hands on, only to later realize that the things we put in the garage don’t simply disappear. Instead, they accumulate on top of each other, and sooner than later, the judgment day catches up to us, and we start wondering […]

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10 Essential Items You Should Have In Garage

The garage is that area of our home where we can relax and take our time off the rest of the world. It is the perfect place to design and create new projects for both our vehicles and the house in general. Of course, before we start working on new things, we’ll need the proper […]

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