The 8 Best Spray Paint For Wicker – Reviews in 2022

If I asked you to name one material that has been around forever, has hundreds of uses, and never goes out of fashion, what would you say? Clay, stone, iron?

Well, how about wicker? 

The ancient Egyptian pyramids are home to hundreds of chests and boxes woven in wicker. That’s how far this craftsmanship goes.

Plus, there are wicker baskets, chairs, baby carriages, music stands… You name it.

And they sure look good! From ornaments to furniture, wicker can lighten up a place with its elegance and trendiness.

Our goal today is helping you find the best paint for wicker, that perfect blend that’s going to enhance the appearance of your wicker items like no other!

Let’s dive in together!

Our Top 8 Best Spray Paint For Wicker

Now that you’ve got the know-how, it’s time to meet our top wicker spray paint candidates.

Don’t need to go anywhere else, the best options are right here for you!

1. Rust-Oleum 327907-6 PK American Accents Spray Paint

We don’t want to lose you just when we’re getting started.

However, I’m afraid this RustOleum wicker spray paint is going to make you go, “OK, this is it, I’ve found what I need!”

First off, it comes in a huge variety of colors and sheens. Were you looking for satin or gloss paint for wicker? You got it!

From Gloss Deep Turquoise to Metallic Silver and Satin Heirloom White, there’s not a shade or tone you won’t be able to get.

You know how wicker furniture is full of curves and ornaments? Not to worry! 

This sprayer can be used on any angle, to extend even to those hard-to-reach places. Plus, its comfort trigger won’t tire out your fingers!

I thought I heard you complaining earlier, when we were talking about primers. Am I right? Of course, nobody wants to apply extra layers of product to get the desired look.

Well, what if I told that with this spray paint you don’t need to? Pretty neat, right?

You get fast-drying, long-lasting color and protection for the price of one!

And speaking about prices, does it get any more convenient? Surprisingly enough, it does!

With its Double Color Technology, its hiding power is off the charts. Each can of RustOleum covers up to 12 square feet of the surface. Or, you can get a whole 6-pack to take the costs even lower.

Highlighted Features : 

  • Its Double Color Technology provides an amazing hiding power
  • Makes every surface shine (literally) with its metallic finish
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor furniture
  • Can be sprayed on any angle
  • Its comfortable trigger trims down finger fatigue
  • No need to primer!

2. Krylon K05150807 Colormaster Paint + Primer

Are you in search of a versatile product?

Do you want something that will make your homemade projects stand out, no matter the material? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Krylon Colormaster is at the same time enamel paint for wicker furniture, metallic finish for old cans and bins, glossy texturizer for porous surfaces… You name it.

You need to give color and protection to your artsy tables and chairs? Krylon is the way to go!

Its Cover Max technology stands out amongst the competition because it provides durable, vivid shades no matter where you apply it.

Worried about kids and pets running around while you paint? As I see, that can end up three ways: they either get sick from chemicals, put their fingers all over the fresh paint, or distract you to the point you end up losing your mojo and screwing things up.

What if I told you this product can fix all of those issues at the same time? Let’s see.

Krylon Colormaster is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. What does it mean? It means no strange, nasty odors will flood out your home and make kids and pets sick.

Second, there’s no need to worry about tiny fingerprints ruining your hard work. This paint’s incredible drying speed just won’t allow it. It’s ready in 10 minutes or less!

Last but not least, Krylon’s patented EZ Touch conical tip helps you give a nice, even finish to your pieces. No runs, no drips, no losing control of the spray’s trigger! 

Highlighted Features : 

  • Cover Max Technology for durable, brilliant color
  • Patented EZ Touch conical tip reduces runs and drips
  • Enamel finish
  • Dries in less than 10 minutes
  • Amazing variety of hues for a personalized look on every project

3. KILZ L540746 Chalk Spray Paint

How about those of you in quest of the best paint for wicker baskets? Did you think we had forgotten about you? Not a chance!

After years of heavy use, most people just throw away their wicker baskets. They believe those worn-out fibers are beyond any possible repairing. To them, we say: Stop, don’t do that!

KILZ Chalk Spray Paint was specially created for upcycling those once useful items that have seen better times. While they may no longer serve their original purpose, they can still play a role in your décor. 

But I bet you’re asking yourself how to paint wicker furniture with chalk paint? Well, it is not complicated, that’s for sure!

Especially with KILZ product, which presents decorative paint and primer all in one. You won’t even have to prep the wicker. 

Its outstanding adhering characteristics make it very easy to apply. Put on a couple of layers of paint until you get the desired color and that’s it!

Just remember to wait two hours in between coatings, until the product has really soaked up your project. Once you’re done, you’re going to love that matte finish, and it lasts forever!

KILZ Chalk Paint comes in 8 different, very discreet colors, including Platinum Ring, Cameo Coral, and Blue Juniper. You can get a 12 oz aerosol or a 1-quart can.

Want the last tip? To evenly distribute the colorant, shake the spray can or stir the liquid inside the pail very thoroughly.

Highlighted Features : 

  • Decorative paint and primer, all in one
  • Amazing ultra-matte finish
  • Perfect adhesion on virtually every surface
  • 8 available, chic-looking colors
  • Perfect for refurbishing old wicker baskets 

4. Rust-Oleum 282817 Universal All Surface Spray Paint

You are not looking for just any kind of paint, are you? There’s a big difference between your style and the rest of the worlds. You want a product that meets your high standards.

And I’m guessing you haven’t yet found it, am I right? Well, here’s something different!

If your new home project is painting wicker shabby chic to go with your sophisticated taste, Rust-Oleum All Surface Spray Paint is what you need to get.

Not only does it give your furniture amazing finishes, but it also prevents them from fading and chipping. How?

It’s all due to its oil-based formula, which when applied on metals, also resists rust and corrosion. 

If you think that’s all you get, hold on! You’re in for some other treats yet.

Apart from its elevated hiding power, which can cover up to 15 square feet per can, this product dries in only half an hour. That’s all you need to wait for recoating or for putting your patio furniture to work.

Worried about the scorching sun from your area decoloring your newly painted stuff? Don’t be! Rust-Oleum’s Paint is UV resistant.

Plus, its advanced blend features both paint and primer in the same can.

Anything else? You bet!

Its cap design lets you paint in every angle, to reach even those impossible areas.

Give your painting projects a classy look! Rust-Oleum’s product comes in 8 modern colors to suit every home’s style.

Highlighted Features : 

  • Oil-based formula
  • Provides UV protection to your surfaces
  • Great for metal too, since it prevents rust
  • Superb hiding power
  • Any angle spray, for those hard-to-reach places

5. Krylon K07030 Lacquer Spray Paint

What if we try something new, something different from what we’ve seen?

I’m sure you would welcome a long-lasting paint, right? Well, then there’s nothing quite like lacquer.

Unlike regular paint, lacquer dries up in no time and offers coatings that endure a lot longer than other types.

Apart from all that, Krylon’s product also works on both interior and exterior environments. That means you can impart a brilliant, glossy finish on your kitchen cabinets as well as on your patio furniture.

And guess what? It’s moisture-resistant too!

Plus, lacquer can help you hide marks and scratches on most materials, especially wood. So, if you’ve got some playful, mischievous pets, this is the product you need!

To make it the best spray paint for wicker, though, you would need plenty of colors, right? How about Black, Clear, Exotic Red, and White?

Just imagine every room in your home looking shiny and new. Let that soak in and let’s move on.

Because we have yet to tell you the last couple of perks from Krylon’s Lacquer Spray Paint.

What if I told you that it comes with an adjustable fan spray? Oh, you don’t sound as amazed as I am.

Do you know what that means? That means it is easier to apply smooth, uniform layers of paint, reducing runs, drips, and errors.

Just one piece of advice: Unless other products we’ve reviewed, this one does need a primer. Beware!

Highlighted Features : 

  • Lacquer provides a super-hard, long-lasting finish
  • Fast dry: just 15 minutes after each coat
  • Comes with an adjustable fan spray
  • Great way to hide scratches on wood
  • Its glossy look will make your projects shine!

6. Folk Art Enamel Glass & Ceramic Paint

If you can’t decide between the wide variety of products we’re showing you, there’s one last thing you can do. Don’t worry, it doesn’t involve combing the web for other sites!

What you should do is listening to the experts; in this case, artists. And artists vouch for Folk Art’s Enamel Glass & Ceramic Paint with their eyes shut. Why? Let’s see.

First of all, it doesn’t need any previous prepping. Hence, it’s super easy to apply.

Its water-based formula doesn’t contain any toxic components. That means you can use it indoors and have your kids and pets around it without fearing they will get sick.

Can you guess how many colors are available for you with this product? I bet you weren’t even close.

We’re talking about 50 colors! And each of them features a super creamy thickness that will provide excellent coverage for your art projects.

Artists also love Folk Art’s paint blend because it’s richer in pigments than most products. That means it offers more vivid colors while preserving their opaqueness.

If you make a mistake while putting on the paint, don’t sweat it! You can effortlessly clean it up without a trace, all you need is soap and water.

Does it take a long time to dry? It depends, really. Maybe if you leave it to air-dry.

But you also get the chance of “baking” your art project so it dries quicker. Amazing, right?

To label it the best paint for wicker, we need to know one last thing: How is it going to look once it’s done? 

Well, it will have a scratch-resistant finish that can also fight off moisture because of its self-sealing. Good enough?

Highlighted Features : 

  • Can be baked to cure
  • 50 available colors!
  • Self-sealing
  • Artists approve of this product
  • Requires no prepping

7. Rust-Oleum 302593 Series Chalked Ultra Matte Spray Paint

So, you are not a newbie at this, are you? Let’s move onto a product that will speak to the true artist in you.

Rust-Oleum’s Ultra Matte Spray Paint is exactly what you need in order to take your projects to a whole new level.

How’s it so? Well, first off, it has an oil-based formula. That means a better hiding power and more adhesion than any water-based product.

However, despite what you may think of oil, in this case, it dries off quite fast. The first, thin coats —you may need up to three— can be put on just a few minutes apart.

And with its comfortable trigger, you don’t have to worry about those curves and blind spots on wicker. There isn’t a hard-to-reach place you won’t be able to cover!

Want more good news? If you are upcycling your old wicker baskets, you won’t even require a primer! With Rust-Oleum’s paint, you would only need prepping while working on bare wood.

This product is available in a bunch of lovely, modern colors. However, if you’re not happy with any of them… guess what? You can pile them up until you find the tone you want!

Once you’re done painting, let the last layer dry for 24 hours. Then, if you want, you can sand it down to remove imperfections or to give your project a vintage, worn-down look.

Highlighted Features :

  • Provides a vintage look
  • Can be sanded to remove imperfections
  • Minimal prepping needed
  • Colors can be piled up to create your own hues
  • Primer is not needed for wicker
  • Thin coats can be applied just a few minutes apart

8. TriNova UV Protectant Spray

Aren’t you tired of the blistering sun in your area decoloring every piece of patio furniture you own? Or the wicker baskets you just repainted? How about the leather seats in your car?

Yes, we know. Sun can be a lot of fun, but sometimes it’s just a real pain in the neck. It gives your items a worn-out look, and we’re not talking about the trendy, vintage kind. 

So let’s go beyond wicker paint color to show you something that can protect and, above all, enhance that color!

TriNova UV Protectant Spray is an answer to your concerns about how to preserve your painting projects.

How versatile is it? You can use it on almost any material, including vinyl, rubber, fiberglass, plastic, leather, and, of course, your beloved wicker.

A couple of protective layers is all it takes for your décor to look once again like when it debuted.

The application to resistance ratio is so amazing you won’t believe it! Just spray it on your wicker furniture and forget about it for a long time. The job’s done!

Apart from intensifying your stuff’s natural gleam, it also repels dust and debris so they don’t accumulate any more.

It’s the perfect finishing product, both for your furniture and our list.

Highlighted features : 

  • Prevents fades, cracks, and stains from sun damage 
  • Reduces the accumulation of debris in all your surfaces
  • Hundreds of users vouch for its long-lasting abilities
  • Brings out the original colors on your stuff
  • One-step application

Buying Guide For Wicker Spray Paint

We’ve gone through the top 8 spray paints for wicker, but we still want to help you some more. 

Are you still having doubts? Check out this buying guide, where we break down what you need to look at when purchasing the right product!

1. Prepping - To Prime Or Not To Prime?

You want to paint your stuff, and you want to do it fast. We get it.

At times it’s not that easy, because some materials require a lot of prepping beforehand. Yes, we’re talking about the layers of primer you need to put on ahead of paint.

Luckily for you, most of these paints are self-priming. If you’re all about speed, our tip is: Go get ‘em!

However, wicker is not what you would call “a difficult material”. It’s not as porous as, say, wood or masonry.

Our advice, then? If you’re only going to use this paint on wicker, don’t be afraid of getting one without a primer.

2. Variety Of Colors and Finishes - To Caesar What Is Caesar's

There is a chance you are an expert painter who knows everything there is to know about blends, preparations, and finishes. However, my best guess is you’re new to this, am I right?

It’s not a problem, of course! With the right time, you’ll get the hang of it.

My point is, you may have in your head the picture of what you want your finished project to look like. Now, how to get the best product to make it so?

Matte, satin, enamel, gloss, semi-gloss… It all sounds nice, but how will they actually look like on your project?

Make sure you explain the experts in your area’s paint shop what you need. Oh, and ask for samples, so you can compare them with the image in your head!

3. Application – You Shall Not Pass (Unpainted)!

What about those hard-to-reach places on wicker? How will you be able to get to them?

Fortunately, most brands we’ve seen have come up with wonderful ways to make your life easier.

High-precision triggers, any-angle spraying… They all can help you cover every single inch of your item with paint, just like you want.

Make certain the product you get has these features.

4. Hiding Power - Enough Sometimes Isn't Enough

‘Hiding power’ actually means the ability of paint to obscure the material it’s applied on. Nevertheless, most of the time, e.g. this article, this term is used as a synonym for ‘coverage.’ 

And that’s a feature you want to be aware of. How much of your project will you be able to paint with a single can of the product?

The last thing you want is to get home and realize you can only paint half a wicker chair with what you’ve purchased.

Take into account you may need several layers of paint until getting the desired finish. Plus, you should get some extra. Just in case!

5. Versatility - All For One And One For All

Yes, you came to us in search of paint for wicker. But what if you decide you want to use the spare on your kitchen pantry, or your baseboards?

Getting a can of paint that works on a number of materials is always a safe choice.

How to Paint Wicker Furniture?

Are you ready for some painted wicker furniture makeover magic? 

Before we get into the best products for your painting projects, let’s go over the process. If you have done it before, stay with us anyway. We’re going to share some great pro tips with you!

1. Setting Up Your Work Area

This first step is very important, and for a couple of reasons.

For starters, you want to be comfortable while working. Hence, find a place where you can freely move around, without restraints of any kind.

Take your wicker furniture outdoors, if you have that option. The right ventilation prevents you from breathing tiny particles of paint. Plus, it will help your piece dry faster.

You don’t want other stuff getting painted by mistake, do you? Then now is the time to move things out of the way. Spray paint application is hard to control, even for trained hands.

While you are at it, put a drop cloth beneath your wicker furniture to protect the floor.

Remember we talked about ventilation? Well, you don’t want it to be excessive either. If it’s too windy outside, loose dirt may later blow onto your fresh coats of paint.

2. Readying Your Wicker

The next step is prepping the wicker. The reason? Loose debris can interfere with the primer and reduce both its properties and the final coat’s finish.

What to do, then? Start off by using the vacuum’s dust attachment to remove any loose dirt and cobwebs.

Now it’s time to use a stiff bristle brush to detach flaking paint from specific areas, especially if you’re doing a repaint job. Be careful not to damage the wicker, though.

Then, wash it down with water and mild soap. While you’re at it, watch out for mildew and if you spot any, add a little bleach to the mix. 

Want a pro tip? Try applying some liquid deglosser. That will take away old finishes that were probably added to wicker the last time it was painted. 

Is it hard? Not at all! The specifics will depend on the brand, but you need a couple of gloves and a clean sponge.

Wet the sponge with the deglosser and apply a thin coat of it on your furniture. Make sure you don’t miss any spots!

Finally, allow the furniture to completely dry. This may take a whole night if you had to do some heavy cleaning.

3. Applying 2-5 coats of primer

It doesn’t matter if you’re painting wicker furniture with a brush or a sprayer, you need to apply a primer first.

What’s the point of that? It may feel like an annoyance, we know.

However, one or two layers of primer are essential to ensure the paint will nicely adhere to a surface, especially if you’re changing colors or applying a lighter shade on top of a dark tone.

Besides, it will make the paint last longer and, most importantly, it will protect your wicker.

So, put a first, thin layer of primer on the entire furniture. Then, smooth out any drips or unevenness with a paintbrush.

You can add one to four extra layers of primer until you get the finish you want. Remember to let it dry completely in between coats. Don’t worry, it doesn’t take long.

4. Applying the paint

Once the last layer of primer is dry, you’re good to go, it’s time to finally start painting!

Shake up the spray can and apply evenly from left to right and from top to bottom. You should go a few inches farther from the edge of the furniture to make sure paint reaches every last part of it.

Want another pro tip? Paint the less visible parts first, until you get the hang of it. Once you feel good, move to the front.

After each coat, fix any flaws with a sponge or a rag and let the paint completely dry before applying the next layer.

As with the primer, wicker benefits from multiple thin layers of paint, from two to five.

Following that last coat, wait a couple of days before using your newly painted furniture. That way, paint can properly cure. 

BONUS TRACK: Paint vs. stain

Before we go any further, let’s answer a pretty common question regarding this kind of furniture renovationIs it better to paint or stain wicker? Let’s see.

Paint and stain are very similar, both in their composition as in their final look. What separates them is that while paint ultimately remains as a layer on top of a material, the stain is absorbed by it.

That, for instance, makes stain particularly good for wooden surfaces. Instead of covering wood fibers, it impregnates them, for a rugged finish.

Plus, staining takes less time, because it usually doesn’t need a primer. 

On the contrary, paint takes a bit longer to shine but it comes in a wider variety of colors. In addition, it can be applied over already painted surfaces, something that’s not possible with stain.

If you ask me, the magic of stain gets lost on wicker, due to the size of each individual fiber. Using paint on the wicker will give it a more uniform look.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. I painted my wicker chairs with chalk paint and now it rubs all over the cushions. What can I do?

Answer : The best thing you can do is using a sealant to make the paint definitely adhere to the wicker. Apply a couple of layers and give them enough time to dry.

2. Do I need a respirator mask while spray painting?

Answer: Yes, we would certainly suggest it, for two reasons. First of all, ventilation is not enough sometimes, and paint does include toxic fumes that can be dangerous to your health. And second, there’s always the chance of overspray, with the consequence of paint getting in your mouth and eyes. That’s why we also recommend wearing goggles.

3. How can I waterproof my wicker furniture?

Answer : Some paints are waterproof themselves, but if you have picked a non-waterproof product to give your wicker the right color, there’s another way: tung oil. It will work wonders on your furniture. Just make sure you dilute it first, so it dries faster.

4. Is it safe to strip paint from wicker by sanding it?

Answer : It is if you are extra careful. However, that would take a lot of time, and there are easier methods. For instance, paint or varnish remover will bring the old paint to the surface, when you can scrape it off easily with a stiff brush.

5. How do I make my wicker furniture last longer?

Answer : Wicker’s main enemy is humidity. When there’s too much of it, mold and mildew appear. However, too low humidity levels also hurt your wicker by drying it out. The best thing you can do is keeping your wicker piece in a ventilated area. If you have it indoors, a dehumidifier might do the trick.

Final Words

Now that you probably have some time in your hands, you can finally start working again on your painting projects. Give your home an amazing look with stuff you have lying around. It has never been this easy!

Every household contains a lot of items that, when upcycled, contribute to a stunning decoration. Even those old baskets of yours can do the trick then when you have the best spray paint for wicker at your disposal.

Want me to share a secret with you? With what you have learned here today, you’ll be able to give each of your wicker items new life.

So, get on board and find the artist waiting to come out from inside of you!