10 Benefits of Using Pocket Knife And It’s Advantages

Even though many people think it is not safe to carry a knife around, it is still one of the most intelligent things you can do. Especially when we’re talking about a pocket knife, you can get exceptional results & benefits that no other object offers.

Whether it is cutting a piece of paper, opening a package, trimming clothes, or even just piecing up a fruit – a pocket knife is probably the most useful & easy thing to use. As long as you have the ideal design, model, and sharpness, having one of these is something that will help you in many ways.

In this article, we’re going to teach you everything about pocket knives and their benefits. If you are eager to learn what this great piece of equipment offers, then take a step further to find out!

What Is a Pocket Knife?

What Is Pocket Knife?

Small yet functional, simple but highly reliable, and comfortable but still very dangerous if needed – a pocket knife is probably among the best tools you can get. Either for survival or just as a tool to carry around, this item is precious for some and necessary for others.

Anyone from a military man to a contractor, a craftsman, woodworker, or even an outdoorsman can get a lot from using one of these knives. The foldable design alongside the easy-to-use handle plus the additional tools you may encounter increase overall usability of this item.

If you are someone who’s going on a camping trip, someone who usually does woodwork at home, or just a normal DIY person – having a pocket knife can be pretty useful for you. The value and exceptional benefits these knives offer are unique – so you shouldn’t overlook how much you can get with one.

10 Benefits of a Pocket Knife 

While many people tend to ignore their usability, a pocket knife is much more than a simple option to carry around “just in case.”

Actually, they are more useful than most people think, so it is essential to know how much you can get from them. Here’s a list of ten benefits that will teach you more about them;

01. Survival in the Wild

Survival In The Wild

There’s probably not a better tool to bring on a camping or hiking trip than a pocket knife. You won’t like to bring a machete or a large survival knife that you can’t eventually fit in your backpack. Instead, you want something that fits in your pockets or luggage, but still, be useful when it’s needed.

You can use one in a wild adventure for almost anything including cutting kindling or tinder, setting up a tent, cutting up food or slicing them, and even handling fires without burning your hand and more. Even making a fire is easier with one of these, just make a spark with the touch of the blade with stone and that’s it.

Even people who are going fishing can get a lot from one of these. Whether it is cutting the line after catching a big fish or removing a hook from a fish mouth, and much more – a pocket knife can be a mandatory item for any fisherman.

02. Handling & Preparing Food

Preparing Food

Many people may think it is dangerous, but when you don’t have eating utensils, a blade can be a perfect choice. Whether you need a knife, a fork, or even a spoon – a pocket knife can do it all. And when it comes to cutting your favorite food like cheese, bread or any type of charcuterie, this is the tool you need.

Remember you can also cut fruit really well with one. Actually, this is the safest use for a pocket knife when it comes to eating. Just slice the fruit you want to cut, pinch it, and then bring to the mouth slowly and with care not to cut yourself. And voila! You’ll have a pretty useful eating utensil in your pocket.

But it will also work really well for opening cans of food, bottles of beer or wine, and even work as a bottle opener whenever a champagne cork doesn’t want to get out.

03. Cutting Stuff

Cutting Stuff

There’s no doubt that cutting is the most important and principal use of a pocket knife. While carrying a pair of scissors or tweezers can be useful for either first-aid or in a survival situation, nothing compares to the everyday convenience of a pocket knife.

You can cut wires, paper, cardboard, wood, and much more. The comfort is also outstanding for cutting, making it effortless and safe. You can practically cut whatever you want, as long as it is thin enough.

Even when it comes to perforating stuff, something like perforating a large gift or mail package, opening a letter softly not to damage it, and even more heavy-duty uses such as getting an animal out of a leash knot, or cutting a rope while making a hunting trap, plus much more.

The usability of a pocket knife for cutting is almost infinite, so don’t hesitate to bring one around in case you need to cut something eventually.

04. Doing Woodwork & DIY Projects

Wood Working

Yes, you may think the ability to cut and open things up is just when the situation arises, but you can also count on a pocket knife as a tool for your workshop projects.

The ability to make clean cuts and fit almost anywhere makes a pocket knife a very reliable tool for your DIY plans. Whether it is a furniture item, a decorative object, or even a school project with your children – this great item won’t let you down.

As long as you don’t try to cut something too thick for a pocket knife, you may eventually find it pretty useful. It could even replace a utility knife without problems, that’s how useful this tool is.

05. Trimming & Tearing Clothes

Trimming & Tearing Clothes

Especially useful for people in the fashion or retail industries, the ability of a pocket knife to trim down and tear clothes easily is unique. You won’t have to use a larger or possibly dangerous tool. Instead, you can do it all with a pocket knife and prevent any danger.

This is also useful in emergency situations when someone breaks a limb or suffers a deep cut in any part of the body covered in clothes. What to do? Easily, get your pocket knife out and cut through the clothing items to free the wound for someone to treat it.

You don’t know when you’ll need to trim or tear clothes, so it is almost a necessity to know how to do it. And for that, there’s no better product than a pocket knife.

06. Protection & Self-Defense

Protection and Self Defense

A pocket knife is not a weapon unless the time comes for it to become one. From other humans in the street or the wild, from animals, and more – carrying one of these will help you in situations where non-violence doesn’t work.

You can just use it as a threat, and it may do its job. Just remember that it is still a small tool and not a weapon, so use it defensively and don’t pretend it ends up doing more than it is made for.

07. First-Aid and Saving Lives

First aid and protecting

While a first-aid kit would be the option for treating someone with a wound or grave injury, a pocket knife can be useful for many things in emergency situations. Whether it is ripping clothes off, retrieving splinters or objects from wounds, and much more – one of these tools can sometimes be life-saving.

They are ideal for solving issues really fast, as you won’t have to prepare or shape them up. Just get it out of your pocket or bag and unfold it. You’ll have a pocket knife ready for doing whatever you want, from cutting a seatbelt after a car accident, making a bandage from gaze, and more.

You may even use a pocket knife to carve messages in rocks or wood as survival or emergency signals in the wild for someone else to read it and help. It may also help to free hostages in a survival situation, or just to cut rope after someone tries to take his own life. That’s how unexpectedly useful a pocket knife can be.

08. Huge Portability & Versatility


You can take it anyplace you go without issues, a pocket knife as it names says fits on any pocket of your clothing items, bag, pouch, luggage and more. The ability to meet even in the smallest space makes them hugely portable and convenient so you can have one even in the most unexpected situation.

You may also carry a pocket knife with a lanyard if needed. But it is not only because it is portable but the amazing foldable design it offers that makes it so amazing. A pocket knife won’t let you down when it comes to using in a matter of seconds. Just take it out of its storage site and unfold it to cut or trim anything.

09. Durability & Resistance


A well-made pocket knife can also last a lifetime without issues. When you pick one made of stainless steel, you can expect the tool never to erode or wear down. Even if it’s in contact with water or other harmful fluids, it will keep its looks and usability without problems.

And of course, let’s not forget they’re useful even for heavy-duty applications. Breaking a pocket knife is as difficult as breaking a kitchen one.

10. Huge Convenience & Multi-Tool Capacity

Multi Tool

Most pocket knives are simple, with only a foldable blade you can use for cutting or trimming stuff when needed and that’s it. You may use it for almost anything you want that a right edge is good for, and it won’t let you down. But when you pick a multi-tool pocket knife, you get even more & better results.

Some pocket knives may come with a screwdriver, a nail polisher, a corkscrew, and many other inside tools. And if the knife only comes with a blade, you may still use a blade as each one of the previous tools without any issue.

Consider that some designs come with several tools and others do not, and you’ll have many more chances of getting a handy product. And let’s not forget a pocket knife is still pretty affordable. So you won’t have to waste a fortune for one of the most useful product out there.

Get a Pocket Knife Now and Enjoy Its Advantages!

You don’t know when a pocket knife may end up being useful for you, so don’t hesitate and get one. It’s always better to have a pocket knife and never need it, than eventually needing one and don’t have it.

With the many benefits and advantages one of these can offer, it is something you will want in your pocket or backpack. Whatever the purpose or likely application you’re going to give it – carrying one will never be a bad choice. So don’t hesitate and get one now!